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Almost every family in the world owns a type of vehicle. If it’s not a car, it is commonly a motorcycle. Having a vehicle is a convenient way for a person to travel to his designated place without a hassle. Instead of waiting in vain on the street, your own vehicle lets you quickly go to somewhere of your own choice. However, having a vehicle comes with great responsibility.

how to import license plate from China
how to import license plate from China

Now that you have one, you should be its responsible driver and caretaker. As part of being a responsible car owner, you should have a driver’s license to freely drive your vehicle wherever you want. Additionally, you should register the car to its appropriate department. Upon registration, you will be given a licensed plate which you can affix to the car and use until its expiration.

How to Import License Plate from China

In most instances, license plates look the same. The only difference is on its color and number as well as its registration date.  License plates are metal or plastic identification plates attached to a car or any other sort of vehicle whether it is for public or personal use. Almost all countries require formal registration of the vehicles running on the road.

Typically, they are placed in the front and at the back of the vehicle to ascertain visibility. Every country has different requirements when speaking of vehicle registration. Once a car owner is caught using an expired or wrong license plate, he is bound for a liability. In a lot of cases, he is required to pay a fine depending on the seriousness of his violation.

If you are thinking of building a business associated to making license plates, well this is honestly a good business venture. However, as any kind of business, it involves a lot of requirements. You need certifications and registration to finally be able to run your business in a legal manner. It involves steps which you should follow in order to have an uninterrupted and thriving business in the long run.

For instance, would you like to know how to start a license plate business in China? Moreover, how can you import license plates in China? Learn below.

  1. Get a certification to being a registered number plate supplier authorized by the government.
  2. Sourcing blank plate and number plate making machine manufacturers
  3. Confirm the specification of the number plate and reflective film material and degree of aluminum to the manufacturer
  4. Get, test and confirm samples by yourselves and or relative testing agency.
  5. Place order. Start mass production
  6. Inspection before goods are delivered
  7. Load and ship goods to warehouse in port of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Ningbo, or Guangzhou by air, sea or express
  8. Custom declaration and shipping
  9. Begin license plate making business
  10. Find agency for custom clearance and transfer goods to your place

After all these steps, congratulations!  You can now legally and freely sell license plates which you can then supply to the office where cars are registered.