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What is 1-layer license plate & 2-layer license plate
<p>1-layer plate & 2-layer plate are 2 main types in traditional aluminum license plate. The main difference lies in different processing procedure leading to 2 different product structures.</p><ol><li>1-layer plate: after embossing, you need a painting machine (hot stamping machine or roller coating machine) to paint embossed fonts based on reflective film.</li><li>2-layer plate: after embossing by hydraulic press machine, you needn’t paint it by third machine; you can get embossed & painted fonts by just ripping of the embossed reflective film or aluminum film/sheet.</li><li>Different application: 1-layer plate are used by most countries all round the world, i.e. North America, South America, Asia, some countries in Europe & Africa; 2-layer license plates are popular among EU countries and many areas in Africa for its economical and user-friendly features.  <strong><a href="https://fuwong.com/how-to-distinguish-license-plate-types/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">READ MORE</a></strong></li></ol>
What’s type of my needed plate: 1-layer plate or 2-layer?
<p>For most customers and immediate, usually it is not easy to distinguish the 1-layer or 2-layer plate directly. If you can’t confirm the type based on information above, if possible, pls send the photo or artwork to our support team <a href="mailto:info@fuwong.com">support@fuwong.com</a>, we’d glad to do help you confirm it.</p>
I have machines already, do you sell blank license plate?
<p>The answer is YES, Fuwong can manufacture and supply both license plates of any specification for you.</p>
Can I buy both license plate and machine from your company?
<p>Tthe answer is YES, Fuwong can manufacture and supply both license plates of any specification for you. We manufacture and supply complete license plate machines system for you to finish license plate.</p>
Where is the Fuwong Company located?
<p>Fuwong is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang, near Yiwu City. Yiwu hosts the largest small commodity market in the world. Therefore, Fuwong can offer you more competitive prices due to Yiwu's transportation advantage.</p>
How long has Fuwong been manufacturing license plates?
<p>Fuwong has been manufacturing license plates and license plate machines since 2006. With nearly 20 years of experience, Fuwong can provide complete solutions for all your needs.</p>
Can I order custom-designed license plate machines?
<p>Yes, no matter the type or specification of custom license plate machines or designs you need, Fuwong can manufacture and meet your requirements.</p>
Do Fuwong License Plates Meet ISO 7591 Standards?
<p>Yes, Fuwong license plates have passed ISO7591 standards, and Fuwong license plate machines have been CE certified.</p>