Victio 5 Plus – License Plate Hydraulic Embossing Press, Capable of embossing any vehicle plates sizes

by Zeerma

Ships from and sold by Custom design orders are available.

  • Great power to ensure process almost all sizes of license plates in the world, both European size, African size or USA size etc, both long plate and wide plate.
  • All new inner structure enforcement for better embossing experience.
  • From 220v to 400v power supply choices for multiple user markets based on various voltage situations.
  • Updated worktable design and specification for quick and easy access to your customized embossing solutions.
  • Up to 18 hrs of embossing fonts, borders, letters, custom logos etc.
  •  360° seamless fit both 1-layer license plate, or 2-layer number plate within 280mm width with either metal alloy dies or clapper molds.

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Engineered by Zeerma

Great power and wide worktable

Victio 5 Plus is designed for the manufacturers who is considering about processing wide license plate, or prepare to extend the embossing plate sizes. Victio 5 Plus will be your best choice, 1 machine can process any sizes of registration plate. No need to worry about updating the power anymore.

Easy-to-use and convenient control panel

The control panel is designed with easy-to-read buttons consist of power, indicator, stop/on, just push the license plate frame into inner worktable, the embossing press machine will emboss license plate automatically.

No more worrying about machine installment

Keep machine working instantly after they arrive your company as our engineers will adjust the machine based on your required license plate size and type before packing and delivery. Plus enjoy free unlimited machine question consulting for all your machine product life cycle with your Victio machine.

Compare Victio machines

 Product names Victio embossing press machine

Victio 5

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Victio registrationo plate embossing press

Victio 5 Plus

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Function Embossing Embossing
With Shelter Yes No
Color Red Red
G.W. approx 0.7ton approx 1ton
CBM 0.9 1
Power 230v-380v (3phase, different powers) 230v-380v (3phase, different powers)
Proessing range
(plate width)
0-180mm 0-280mm
Processing type 1-layer, 2-layer 1-layer, 2-layer

How To Use Hydraulic Press?

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