manual press embossing number plate

Boldey, Number Plate Manual Press Machine, Hand Emboss, Exclusive for Aluminum Vehicle Plate, Red (without die or jig)

by Zeerma

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  • Our most popular manual press among our embossing system yet, lighter and same embossing performance, but cheaper price in current European market.
  • Beautiful red paint spray cover for protection purpose.
  • Fast and easy-to-use hand press controller for start embossing quickly after getting commodities. 
  • All-new worktable with fixed screws for suiting your customized manual press molds, die frame and license plates, providing one-of-a-kind experience that after machine arrive, you even don’t need to adjust mold and jig place at all for embossing 1 fixed license plate size.
  • Enjoy more than 250pcs-300pcs plate embossed for normally 8 hours.
  • Work with most international car plate width within 18cm.
  • Support 2-layer European license plates of EU members, which marked with EU blue flag and country code on left side, i.e. D, F, GB, I and so on.
  • Features an easy change of molds for embossing different letter fonts, numbers, even small Arabic and cartoon signs.

How it works?

Manual press embossing – Boldey
Every detail of Boldey - the number plate manual press embossing machine, from machine structure,  components and design to each mold / die, fixture / jig serves the same convenient goal: to customize and embossing personalized number plate manually and flexibly anywhere. The entire Boldey line is unbelievably easy-to-use, with mold, fixture and Fuwong license plate blanks can easily achieve any embossing requirement on 2-layer license plates.

Zeerma machine prices available upon request.
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