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Fuwong License Plate Factory Tour

Fuwong company

Fuwong Company

Founded in 2006.

Fuwong License Plate is specialized in registration plate making and number plate making machine development. We manufacture and export various registration plate to more than 80 countries & regions all around the world.

Fuwong Office Region

Office room & Meeting room

Fuwong Registration plate offices for designing, marketing and sample room.

fuwong registration plate maker
license plate reflective film sheeting

Raw Material

Reflective Film & Sheeting

Vehicle registration plate raw material – reflective film rolls for our automated production line of high security plates.

How We Make Your License Plates

Fuwong Blank Production Line

Fuwong develop and adopt self-developed license plate automatic production line. We work staff and engineers are familiar with each part of Fuwong self-developed line for higher performance work flow.

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Vehicle plate sample room

Fuwong Sample Room

Sample Room for Fuwong Global Liccense Plate Products

Fuwong sample room with part of our finished orders from global markets.

Machine Making Dept.

Fuwong's Team Make Plate Machines

License plate research & develop engineers work in the machine engineering workshop every workday to make and adjust registration plate specific making machine.

license plate automated production
License plate making machine

Finished License Plate Machines

Fuwong Make Machines from Design to Completion

Finished license plate machine. Machines are always adjusted before delivery unit by unit to customers.


Accessories for Machines and Plates

Accessories for hot stamping machine, manual press machine, roller coating machine, embossing press are available.

Accessorizes of number plate machine