Lenikey – License Plate Hot Stamping Machine

by Zeerma

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Ships from and sold by Zeerma.com. Custom design orders are available.

  • All-new Lenikey 2 now supports hot stamping 2 European standard car license plates at ONE time.
  • Now with Hot stamping foils, use your Lenikey 2 roller holder to paint embossed reflective film fonts in easy and clean environment.
  • All new inner structure heating and motor design structure for better hot stamping experience.
  • With 220v, 1phase plug-end power connection- the most common single phase voltage, you can process plates in any shop, exhibition places, plants and so on.
  • Amazon Prime customers get unlimited consultancy times of after-sales support for any questions related with hot stamping machine.
  • Now with 65% more processing power,  a dedicated worktable for conveying majority car plates width within 250mm.
  •  Accessories and custom-made order are acceptable.

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Learn more about License Plate Types

Compact body. Big function.

Now Process 2 European Plate At 1 Time

Lenikey 2 now bring you capacity to stamp 2 European plates with width of 520x110mm at same time, giving you a best-in-class hot transfer experience with high performance hot stamping image quality when used with developed inner heating and motor structure design.

Your painting just got more powerful

Just 1 hot stamping machine, hot stamping foils, embossed license plate blanks, you can process license plate hot transfer instantly. With plug end power connection, you can connect transfer machine to common power of 220v/1phase, and start work instantly.

No more worrying about machine installment

Keep machine working instantly after they arrive your company as our engineers will adjust the machine based on your required license plate size and type before packing and delivery. Plus enjoy free unlimited machine question consulting times for all your machine product life cycle with your Zeerma machines.

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 Product names
Lenikey 2 for making license plate

Lenikey 2

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Lenius2 for number plate roller coating


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Function Painting: hot stamping Painting: roller coating
Accessories: Specific hot stamping foil for license plate Specific ink for license plate
Color Red Red
G.W. approx 150kgs approx 45kgs
CBM 0.15 0.1
Power 220V, single phase / 1 phase 220V, single phase / 1 phase
Proessing range
(plate width)
0-250mm 0-250mm
Processing type 1-layer (learn what is 1-layer?) 1-layer(learn what is 1-layer?)

How Lenikey hot stamping works

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