"License plates tell stories"

Our cars are very important in our lives, taking us to work, in vacations, practically being a part of our everyday life, every car owner wishes to be connected with his car. How? By having a personalized vehicle license plate.
You want everybody in the neighborhood, your friends and family members to recognize your car. And the best way to do it is by attaching a license plate that is characteristic of you. So when you wish to go for a customized license plate, think carefully what is that thing that makes you apart. Whether it is a quote you always repeat and makes your life motto, whether it is the date of your greatest achievement, your child’s birth date, or anything that marked you and your existence.
That's why Fuwong insist on trying harder and have our license plates make a difference on people's lives.

We are keen on license plate making

As a manufacturer and supplier of license plates and license plate machinery, Fuwong supplies countries and regional governing bodies all over the world with a higher level of service, quality and support. Fuwong specializes in and offers a wide range of license plates, number plate making machinery and license plate making supplies such as hot stamping foil, molds and dies, reflective tape and more.

The Fuwong Mission

Globally headquartered in Yiwu City, Zhenjiang Province, China and serving consumers worldwide, Fuwong is a customer centric company founded in 2006 under the principles of offering high quality machinery, license plates and accessories combined with the service and dedication one would expect from a top rated company. Our mission is provide our customers with secure, results oriented license plate making solutions.

Why Choose Fuwong?

As the first company to export license plates from China, and one of the top 5 companies containing a self-developed automatic license plate production line in the world, Fuwong has the experience and ingenuity to fulfill our customer’s license plate & machinery needs no matter what they are. Our products are used in more than 80 countries and regional governments in the world and Fuwong is the authorized license plate manufacturer for United Nations vehicles in Middle East areas. Partner with us today and get the quality and service you deserve.

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License plate tell stories