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  • The search is over as our company at FUWONG is here to help you out with all such concerns.
  • FUWONG are highly specialized in creating custom design of personalized license and even key tags that best suit you.
  • We are widely recognized all over the world as one of the best companies in terms of license plate creation services that can serve to your needs.

…… glad to know that the cargo are all embossed perfectly, surely we will talk very soon. – Chris Jim (CEO)  Signworld Corp.

Hi, new plate & machine both work ok, and soo Thx for the good service of your team every time. nice day… – Sara (Sales manager) DSA Group

How we make your registration plates?

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High performance plate quality

Many companies are offering the same design of licensed plate that we are offering. This makes a bit difficult for people to choose which among such company could really give the best license plate that could suit their needs. With continuous competition in today’s marketplace, our company at FUWONG paves way to highlight spectacular features which makes our license plate different from others.

Custom license plate solutions

At FUWONG, we will allow you to create your own auto tags by simply submitting to us your personalized message. After receiving your message, we will spare time and effort to add such message to the authentic and appealing license plate that we are going to give you. Our company can create key tags and plates that can offer impressive and appealing look and style to your vehicle.

Develop automatic production

After years of efforts taken into developing more efficient production methods, Fuwong successfully develop new license plate automatic production line. All the licensed plates that we are creating are all authentic and have the feel and look of a real thing. In fact, looking at the licensed plate that we usually offer to our clients you can immediately tell its difference from other licensed plate companies.

What Makes Us Different?

Customized License Plate

At FUWONG, we give our clients the freedom to choose what kind of design, style and even additional messages they wanted to put in their license plate. We give them the chance to choose what they really like. We are not putting any limitation to their interest as far as the design and style is concerned. This is just to assure that everything they are in need with their license plate will be completely given to them. With our customized license plate at FUWONG, we assure to create happiness and satisfaction to all our clients because of the freedom that we are going to give them. The color, design, and style of their license plate will be based from their decision. We are just here to be their guide especially when the kind and quality of the licensed plate that they are going to choose is not suitable for the type of vehicle they have.

How to be a registered license plate manufacturer
custom number plate

Affordable License Plate

People who wanted to have their licensed plate are hesitant to seek for the assistance of license plate makers since they are afraid that they might not have enough amount of money to pay for it. Well, financial matter could no longer be a big problem to our company at FUWONG. We offer our license plate at its affordable price but with great assurance that these are all of high quality. We are doing this to make sure that all the people who wanted to have their license plate will be given the chance to have such kind of item without worrying more on financial matters.

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Team and Expert and Skilled Licensed Maker

At FUWONG, we make sure that we have expert and skilled team of licensed maker who will be giving you high quality license plate. We usually employ personnel who are equipped with the right knowledge and skills in making license plate. We are doing this to assure that we can give you high quality services that can satisfy and meet your needs. Our team undergoes trainings before they are exposed to actual license making processes.


Legal and Insured License Plate

Since we always wanted to uphold safety and protection of our clients, we make sure that all the license plate that we are going to give them is legal and insured.  We are doing this to help them be out of trouble on the road as far as license plate issues are concerned. License plate that we have undergoes legal processes hence we give you guarantee that as you placed it your car or any vehicle, you not be caught by any police officer as the license plate of your car is legal and best to use.

High Quality Materials

Since we wanted to offer customer satisfaction experience to all our clients, hence we assure that our license plate is made from high quality materials which makes it flexible and durable. Even if license plates have their own expiration and needs to be renewed at a certain span of time, we make sure that our license plate will last until its expiration date. License plates are exposed to too much heat and rain hence we think of an idea as to how we can prevent immediate damages to this product. On that note, our team of license plate maker have come up to an idea of the use of high quality and durable materials in making the plates to make it last longer.



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Do you manufacture blank license plate?

Yes, Fuwong is specialized in making and supplying authentic standard license plate for world market.

Can you quote my license plate?

Yes, kindly send your requirements including license plate specification, color, quantity, product picture to our support team email:, our colleague will follow up your inquiry asap.

I wanna start my license plate business, do you have some advice?

We’d happy you plan to start license plate business. Fuwong has some advice for your start-up based on our experience:

  1. We have made specific start-up guide for you have an overview about license plate industry. You can view & download here.
  2. Get to know how to import license plate from China. You see the checklist for importing license plate here.
  3. Send your requirements to our support team for further details. Contact now.

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