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Embossed Number Plate Machine – 6 Factors to Consider Before Choosing One

Victio 5 plus embossing press number plate
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Embossed license number plates are quite popular, and many people like to have the text fonts of their registration number as well as messages of choice embossed onto their own number plates for vehicles. If you have got the license to set up business as a registered number plate manufacturer for vehicles, you need to install an embossed number plate machine in your workshop. You have to consider the following 6 factors while choosing devices for embossing the registration plates of your customers.


Check beforehand whether the machine is automatic, semi-automatic or manual in operations. As can be expected, the cost is minimal and the involvement is highest in manual devices. On the other hand, automatic devices require least amount of involvement on your part and you need to spend higher on them. Semi-automatic devices lie somewhere in the middle, with both cost and involvement being average.

Ease of Use

You should also need a device that is super easy to use, and can be understood and used even by novices. The best machines are those that do not need you to go through any manual to understand its technicalities. You should be able to use it right from the beginning.

Printing surfaces

It is also a good idea to check which type of surfaces your device can print on. Some machines are only able to emboss on tin and aluminum, while there are some extremely versatile devices to be found which can emboss on varied surfaces, such as aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, copper, plastic and tin to name a few. The more the types of surfaces supported, the better will it be for you.


You should also note whether or not the machine offers you the chance to adjust its operations and features. For instance, some of these devices come fitted with temperature controller – which can help easily control temperature during operations. Some also allow you to add heating modules and various add-on and kits to make them more powerful.

Cost of Operations

Some of the embossed number plate makers have low consumption and do not even need a power source to operate. These are able to save expenses on electricity and bring down your overall costs of production. If you would need to make lots of license plates in a day, imagine the amount of electricity expenses that you can save with this type of device – which are generally hydraulic, manual or hydraulic press in operations.

Price tag

The final thing that you need to check is its price tag, whether you are buying a device in the U.K or in Australia. These machines typically come with varied costs, and the price depends on various factors such as whether they are manual or automatic in operations, whether they are able to print on multiple surfaces, whether they are fast in operations and more. You should typically look for a number plate maker that comes at the lowest price but is able to prove to be a real value for money device.

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