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How Do You Get HSRP and How Long Will the Process Take?

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If you are just planning to buy a new car, then, there is really no need for you to bother that much because all of the new vehicles that are being sold in India are going to come fitted with the High Security Registration Plates. The vehicle’s registration number is going to be put on the rear and front windshield of the car as well. The existing vehicles are going to be given with a time span of 2 years in order to switch to the HSRP from the 15th of June.

For you to get the HSRP installed in your car, you will need to visit the local RTO in your place wherein the new plate is going to be issued in a matter of 48 hours after presenting the smart registration cards. The fitting of the plates in itself will only take about 5 minutes to be completed. Also, the process is now made easier as there are already many reliable providers that offer the service.

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