How to make license plates by 4 steps

1. Get Blank Aluminum Plate
Buy blank plate with standard license plate reflective film & aluminum.
2. Emboss Press Blank
Emboss and press blank license plate by emboss presses i.e. hydraulic press machine Victio 5.
3.  Roller Coating
Paint license plate with ink by using roller coating machine (Lenius 3) are commonly used for most countries. Usually after coating, the plates are finished. But if your plate need hot stamped, you can skip this step.
4. Hot Stamping
For some countries, the governments require manufacturers to hot stamp license plate with hot stamping machine (Lenikey 2) instead of painting by roller coating.

License plate maker guide for making license plate

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– Brief introduction of license plate industry
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– What’s machine technology are adpoted to process high security license plates

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