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Ideas for Your ‘Just Married’ Sign    

just married license plate
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If you want a creative take on your “Just Married” sign instead of just scrawling the message on the back of a car and adding some cans that trail behind the vehicle, brides and grooms have been coming up with some creative ways to announce their new nuptials. A great place for some inspiration would be Pinterest of course, where many couples get ideas about everything from the reception to invitations and decor. Here are some ideas for the “Just Married” sign.

Beach Weddings

For a different take on the traditional, you can find flip flops at some bridal boutiques or online that say “Just Married” on the bottoms so that when you take a step while wearing them, you leave an imprint on the sand with the words “Just Married” as you walk. This makes for some fantastic photos of the bride and groom.

Alternate: If you do not want to wear flip flops, you can write or buy appliques that say “Just Married” that you can add to the bottoms of your shoes. When the groom sweeps his bride up into his arms, the perfect shot of the “Just Married” on the shoes can be taken.


Rustic Weddings

If you like a little DIY, cut triangles of a thick material like burlap and paint a letter on each one to spell out “Just Married”. String the words on two separate strings that you can then use to decorate your car of choice, or use them for some great photos, too. The bride and groom can hold the sign while sharing a kiss.

Of course, if you want to go the traditional route, you can paint a sign yourself saying “Just Married” or “Mr. & Mrs” and affix flowers or other decor to it as well. Get creative; this is your wedding after all, and you can make it perfect.

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