India High Security Number Plate

Fuwong India border painted plate

Fuwong India border painted plate

Project name: India HSNP (High Security Number Plate)

Type:1-layer license plate

Specification: 500mmx120mm, 340mmx80mm, 340mmx200mm, 285mmx45mm, 200mmx100mm

Security Features: IND printing, Hologram, Laser Mark

Accessories: Hot stamping foils with IND security scripts

IND blue motor plate

IND blue car license plate

IND motorcycle plate

IND number plate

IND motorcycle plate

Q: What is the best price you can offer?
A: Pls send the specification and quantity you need to our support team, we will check details with production dept. and reply you asap.
Q: Would you send me a product sample before I place an order?
A: Yes, pls fill out our sample request form and we will contact you asap.
Q: Please provide me with more product details.
A: 500x120mm, 340x80mm, 340x200mm, 285x45mm, 200x100mm
Q: What is your min. order quantity?
A: 1000pcs per size
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