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India Registration Plate (HSRP/HSNP/HSLP) with high security-technology features made by license plate maker to meet India vehicle plate road security needs. The security features including: Hot stamping foil, hologram, laser serial numbers etc. 
High Security Registrations Plates in India are the latest development that is being pursued to change the road conditions in the country and make a safer and better place for all its citizens.

Road accidents have been claiming the lives of thousands of individuals in different parts of the world, with one case happening almost every minute. In India alone, lives were lost to these accidents. In fact, a study even revealed that India suffers from the highest number of fatal road accidents which are the result of dangerous driving habits and poor infrastructure. Even with the strong regulations and laws that are put in place, India finds it hard to prevent the ever increasing number of accidents on the roads.

High Security Registration Plates in India
High Security License Plates in India

Road and Traffic Conditions India

Accidents on the road are human tragedy that can involve a lot of suffering. These can impose a colossal socio-economic cost in terms of injuries, loss of potential income and untimely deaths. The ramifications of these traffic accidents can be massive and their negative effects are not just felt by the individuals involved, their welfare and health but also by the economy as a whole. This is the very reason why road safety is now seen an issue of national concern.

But the problem does not stop there. Aside from the injuries and deaths that have been recorded through the years, with the number increasing by the day, there are also some other issues that need to be addressed, including parking issues and vehicle thefts.

On normal working days, a large chunk of road space in average-sized Indian city is being used for parking instead of for traffic movement. With almost all middle class families now having their own cars, the number off the 4-wheelers that are added to the vehicular population shoots through the roof. If this trend continues, the amount of space will no longer be sufficient for accommodating the stationary vehicles that will then squeeze the movement of public transport to the narrower lanes. Needless to say, parking is now an emerging major bane in most Indian cities.

Vehicle thefts have also become rampant in every nook and corner of India and these cases happen simply because the thieves have seen a good opportunity of stealing them in the first place. More often than not, the cars are left unattended and improperly secured. It is only through the installation of the different anti-theft devices can these attempts by thieves be flustered. But still, the numbers are quite alarming and so; strict law enforcement will be required to curb the cases of road fatalities, parking space issues and car thefts.

High Security Registration Plates: The Answer to the Urgent Need for Viable Solutions

Keeping in mind all of the anti-social activities on vehicles that were stated above, it are obvious that there is such an urgent need to finally close the gate and put an end to the dilemma. To stop these problems and make the thieves think twice before they do their actions, there is a need to implement a unique operation with high security.

But how should we start? What specific kind of program must be created to lessen if not completely eradicate all of these activities? The Indian authorities have decided to make the move and this is through the implementation of HSRP or High Security Registration Plate.

High Security Registration Plates: A Quick Overview

It was on the 1st of June, 2005 when the Indian Government amended the rule 50 of Central Motor Vehicle Rules in 1989 that mandated the introduction of the new tamper-proof HSRP or High Security Registration number plates. All of the new motorized road vehicles which came to the market after this are required to adhere to the brand new plates. On the other hand, all of the existing vehicles were given 2 years for them to comply.

The HSRP is a very secure number plate that has the main purpose off brining about a uniform pattern of displaying the registration marks all over the country. The HSRPs are made from aluminum that feature one of kind details aside from the vehicle’s registration number. These plates are composed of 7-digit unique laser code, the chromium-based chakra hologram for counterfeiting prevention, the self-destructive sticker with the vehicle’s chassis and engine numbers, the “IND” that is inscribed in blue color, with the word India inscribed at 45-degree angle in hot stamping foil across all the numbers and letters on the plate. Finally, this comes with a non-reusable and non-removable snap lock. All of these characters have been embossed on the plate to offer better visibility.

It was on the 8th of April 2011 when the Supreme Court of India convened the transport secretaries of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi for the contempt of court proceedings about the non-enforcement of high security registration plates. On the 30th of November 2004, the Supreme Court clarified that all of the states need to follow the scheme. Right now, all of the North East that include Gujarat, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Karnataka, West Bengal and Goa are the mere states right now that have complied in full. The states of Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odessa and Chhattisgarh did not proceed after they called tenders. Apart from these states, there are several other states that have also taken the necessary action for implementing this new scheme.

Punjab and Haryana has already launched the HSRP scheme in the state. The High Security Registration Plates are already made to be mandatory for all the old and new vehicles. Maharashtra also announced that it already planned to implement this latest number plate scheme really soon.

West Bengal, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Assam together with other states have now stared to give the High Security Registration Plates to the vehicles in their areas.

Why are HSRPs Needed Anyway?

Fitting the vehicles with the High Security Registration Plates has already been considered since the year 1989. However, it was only now that the process of implementation has finally gained traction after the Supreme Court has been cracked the whip on the state governments over the repeated delays. The traditional registration plates are easy to tamper with which can make cases of car thefts very easy. The fancy number plates can also make it more difficult to track down the lawbreakers that are on the run. On the other hand, the High Security Registration Plates are non-replaceable and tamper-proof that can prove to be a solid deterrent to the car thieves. This can also help in creating a computerized and national data of the motor vehicles which presently is not really the cases since the records are being created and maintained manually.

India number plate HSNP
India number plate HSNP

Do You Need an HSRP If You Live in Remote Villages?

The HSRPs have to be fitted on to all vehicles in the country no matter where you live. But, the method of implementation is going to be a phased one. Manipur is among the first ever states that have been asked to introduce the Supreme Court’s scheme together with Kerala and Delhi. In Delhi, this program has been kicked off on the 1st of May. The existing car owners will need to switch to the brand new plates starting from the 15th of June.

How Do You Get HSRP and How Long Will the Process Take?

If you are just planning to buy a new car, then, there is really no need for you to bother that much because all of the new vehicles that are being sold in India are going to come fitted with the High Security Registration Plates. The vehicle’s registration number is going to be put on the rear and front windshield of the car as well. The existing vehicles are going to be given with a time span of 2 years in order to switch to the HSRP from the 15th of June.

For you to get the HSRP installed in your car, you will need to visit the local RTO in your place wherein the new plate is going to be issued in a matter of 48 hours after presenting the smart registration cards. The fitting of the plates in itself will only take about 5 minutes to be completed. Also, the process is now made easier as there are already many reliable providers that offer the service.

What’s the Purpose of the Snap Lock?

The snap lock feature is the one that holds the number plate in its place on the car. If someone tries to replace or remove the snap lock is going to cause to lock to break that can make it hard to install another number plate to the vehicle. In the event that the bumper or the HSRP itself has been damaged during an accident, the RTO is the one that will provide the necessary replacement.

What is the Main Function of the Laser Code? Is a Device Used for Checking It?

Out of all the features of the HSRP, it is the unique 7-digit laser code that serves to be the biggest and the most essential safety feature. This is meant to be scanned by the laser detector cameras for identifying if the details in the number plate really match the laser code and this can also help in determining if the registration plate really belongs to that particular vehicle. But, in order for this to really work, the laser detector cameras need to be installed on the important intersections and roads to capture the footage of the stolen vehicles. So far, the cameras are not yet available in India and these still need to be imported. So far, until these laser detector cameras have been installed for or have been made available in the country, one important safety factor of the newest HSRP is going to remain defunct. These cameras can be installed on specific fixed positions or these can also be used as hand-held devices. The cameras can help a lot in recording the details of the speeding vehicles.

History of Number Plates in India

All of the motorized road vehicles in the country are being tagged with a license or registration number. This license plate or also usually referred to as the number plate is the number being issued by every district level of the RTO or Regional Transport Office of the respective states and this is also the primary authority that is in charge of the road matters. The license plates are being placed in the back and front of the vehicle. According to the law, all of the plates are being required to be in the modern Arabic numerals combined with the Latin letters. The other guidelines include the need to have the plate lit up during the night as well as the restriction of the type of fonts that can be used. There are certain states in which cars that bear outside plates are being barred from entering the restricted areas.

From the year 1914 to 1939, one letter is being issued that comes with four numbers. From the year 1939 to 1947, two letters together with four numbers scheme was followed. From the year 1947 to the later part of the 1980s, the license plate system followed the scheme of three letters and four numbers.

During the early 2000s, the coloring scheme for number plate has changed from white over black to black over white for the private non-commercial vehicles as well as from black over white to black over yellow for the rest of the vehicles. The use of the older color scheme has been made illegal following a period during which the two styles have been tolerated.

Format Used for License Plates in India

The vehicle registration plates are being formatted as follows:

The Existing Format

The present format of registration index comes with four parts and these are as follows:

The numbering scheme offers several advantages.

The Rule on Temporary Numbers

The moment the vehicle has been bought, the dealer of the car or vehicle will issue the temporary license sticker that is colloquially referred to as the To Register or TR number. It is something valid for a span of one month and during this time; the owner is given the chance to register his or her vehicle in the area’s controlling RTO where the owner resides to get the standard license plate or the new High Security Registration Plate.

There are several states such as Tamil Nadu which do not really allow the vehicles that have TR numbers to be on the road. In here, the dealer needs to hand the vehicle over to the buyer only after the process of registration has been all set and done. In order to register the vehicle, it needs to be presented to the office of the RTO where the Motor Vehicle Inspector is going to verify the address of the applicant together with other details, confirm that chassis and engine numbers are the same with what has been written in the application before they issue the permanent registration certificate that has a validity that spans for 20 years.

This permanent registration certificate is among the four crucial documents that any vehicle that runs on the road needs to have all the time, with other being the valid insurance certificate the PUC or pollution under control certificate as well as the driver’s license. As for the public utility vehicles such as taxis, buses, pick up vans and trucks, there are some other extra documents needed include the transportation permit and the road-worthiness certificate.

Choose a Reliable Provider of Quality High Security Registration Plates

Right now, the need for all forms of security is becoming critical, considering the different risks that you need to face the moment you step outside your home. Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments in life and for this reason, it only makes sense that you do everything in your power to ensure its safety and at the same time, you want to make sure that as you do so, you will also adhere to specified rules and regulations that are implemented in your place.

The Indian government is now taking the necessary measures needed to guarantee the protection of the citizens and as a responsible Indian yourself; you need to make sure that you follow their present laws regarding the use of High Security Registration Plates.

The best thing about these plates is that you can actually look for the most reliable provider that will help you get the plate that you needs that strictly follows all the specifications that have been defined by the Government of India.

If you want to get quality plates that are made using the best materials to ensure that you will be making the most out of it for the many years to come, all you need to do is to look for the most trustworthy provider of High Security Registration Plates.

The best choice is the one that offers their products and services at prices that are easy on your pocket and more importantly, you have to look for the finest company that takes into consideration what is stated in the law. It is their way of ensuring their clients that they will be getting more than what they paid for.

Hologram on India license plate
Hologram on India HSNP license plate

Support the Change: Start Using High Security Registration Plates Today

Now more than ever, the vehicle owners have to be more proactive when it comes to using the roads of India and adhering to all of the traffic rules and regulations that are implemented in every state. The introduction of the High Security Registration Plates is a move to ensure that not only road accidents will be reduced but at the same time, parking issues and vehicle thefts will also be eliminated from the society. By putting in place these strict guidelines on number plates, it is expected that the citizens will also become more responsible road users not only for their sake but also for the sake of other people and the country as a whole.

If you consider yourself as a responsible citizen who is only after the betterment and the improvement of the nation, then, make sure that you look for the best High Security Registration Plates today and do your job of keeping everything in great order.