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License Plate Mold Guide: How To Distinguish & Choose Molds?

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Dear amazing ones!

If you, like many license plate startups, are puzzled by how to buy and choose molds for number plate machine, then this post is for you.

What is mold?

Mold or Mould, also known as Die, is usually regarded as the mold block for embossing blank license plate. It plays a role of accessory part in embossing system with jig.

What’s type of molds?

  • Based on plate type – mold for 1-layer plate & mold for 2-layer plate

In our previous post of How to distinguish license plate types, we have tried to explain the difference between 2 license plate types: 1-layer plate & 2-layer plate. If you’re not completely sure about plate type, please send mail to support@fuwong.com, we are happy to clarify it with your plate description or sample photo.
Make sure that 1-layer plate does’t work together with molds for 2-layer, or vice versa. Based on the structure of 1-layer plate & 2-layer plate, there are great difference in mold space, structure and cutting design etc.
  • Based on mold material – ABS alloy mold & metal alloy mold.

Either ABS alloy or metal alloy can work on 1-layer plate well; Only metal alloy mold can emboss 2-layer plate.

  • Based on mold design – fixed mold & half-fixed mold & removable mold.

If the font format on plate is fixed, i.e. XX-XX-XXX, X standards for a number or a letter or symbol, you are recommended to take fixed mold as priority. If you will make custom plate with fewer fonts as well, i.e. XXX-XX, sometimes XXX-XX-X, or even XXX, half-fixed mold or removable mold will work.

  • Based on machine type – mold for manual press & mold for hydraulic press.

Kindly note you can’t exchange the molds for manual press with molds for hydraulic press in embossing. They are totally different in both mold specification and jig design.

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