Did you know that clubs may be different things to people but to automobile aficionados, it only means one thing and that is a group of people with the same interest? In simpler terms, this is known as auto club or a group of any number with the same love for their vehicles. There are so many kinds and types for this club in terms of the vehicle that they love or the model or even the activities associated to these vehicles. To make this more organized, this kind of club also elect its leaders and representatives—in the case of huge ones—and set regular meetings. And to make it more functional, some clubs also conduct community services, fund raisings and a lot more.


Top makes and models auto club


There are a lot of make and model clubs and sometimes, they are grouped by country, affiliation and company among so many others. These groups usually offers help and support to all its members in case they need help in maintaining, tidying up or just about anything on their automobiles. There are also some make and model clubs of automobiles that are born with the intention to provide insurances to people of the same interest. These types of auto clubs are almost everywhere and they are actually doing good works because insurance care is very important not only to the driver and passengers but also to their beloved vehicles. Getting their vehicles insured is one of the very many ways on how to be practical when maintaining and preserving a vehicle.


Auto club officers


There are different incorporations when it comes to founding a club. There are those that mimic their set of officers to the government while there are those that install officers just like in their schools. But in any case, the most important person in the club is the president or the founding officer. This may be dubbed as the director or any other name that can be coined to designate as the highest officer in the group. It is the leadership of this person or group of persons that will propel the entire group to greater heights.


Working closely with the president is the vice president. It is the person that acts as the ‘spare tire’ of the highest person in the post in case any untoward event happen. This leader should also be next to the president in any decision making. Another person that needs to be next to these two leaders is the treasurer. This is the leader who will take care of all the funds, incoming and outgoing funds, of the group or auto club. If the group will maintain a bank account, these three leaders should all be signing authorities.


Joining an auto club


Every club has a set of criteria for those who will join the pack. Only those who meet these factors will eventually be eligible in joining the group. It is also in the by-laws of the group if a welcome party or ceremony will ensue for incoming members.



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