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Number Plate Embossing Machine – Types of Embossing Devices You Can Get

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Every car needs to come with a license number plate, but these need no longer be a simple combination of numbers and letters – looking as bland as ever. This is the age of personalization, and it comes as no surprise then that there are even avenues to get number plates personalized. Many people like to get their number plates embossed. Embossing, for the uninitiated, is the method by which symbols, numbers, borders and letters are depressed or elevated on license plates. A major advantage of having embossed plates is the fact that they are tough to be replicated. In other words, they cannot be faked easily. The following are some types of number plate embossing machine to be found in the market today.

Hydraulic Press License Number Plate Embossing Device

This is an automatic embossing system that makes use of leather embossing. Temperature can be automatically adjusted and controlled in this machine. It uses oil cooling system. This type of hydraulic hot stamp device is ideal for license plate manufacturers who do not like to manually create plates, and can spend a bit extra for the automatic operations feature offered by this machine.

Sheet Metal Number Plate Embossing Press Machine

This is a manual system which can be implemented for printing on metal as well as non-metal surfaces. It is manual in operations, which explains why this type of device comes at a lower cost. Such machines are small in size and also light in weight, which means they are easy to be used and moved about. Whether you would like to print on stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or copper, you can do so easily with this kind of device. It can be used to get characters of varied sizes.

25 Ton Hydraulic Number Plate Embossing Press

It has hydraulic power source, and is low in consumption and high in precision. It is easy to operate and safe to use. It can be used to get characters of varied sizes. It is used in countries like Namibia for embossing number plates.

Hydro-pneumatic Embossing Car Number Plate Maker

It has pneumatic power source and can be used for producing high quality number plates for cars. The output can easily be adjusted with this kind of device, and the level of pressure that is needed can be attained easily just by simple adjustment of the pneumatic pressure. It is comfortable in operations and can last for a long time. It can be equipped with temperature controller, which allows users to regulate temperature quite conveniently at the time of operations. Heating modules can be added to this system. It reduces cost of production by saving electricity expenses.

Manual Number Plate Embossing Press Machine

It is fully manual and can be used anywhere and at any time. It is portable and is solid, compact in construction. There is no power supply needed to operate this device, which is one of its major advantages. As it is small in construction, you can move it about quite easily. It is also very simple in usability, and you do not need any special training or skills to operate it. You can choose from lots of characters and it is able to print clear lines.

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