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The Existing Format of Indian HSNP license plates

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The present format of registration index comes with four parts and these are as follows:

  • The first two letters are the ones that indicate the Union Territory or State to which the vehicle has been registered.
  • The following two digit numbers are the district’s sequential number. Because of the heavy volume of the vehicle registration, the numbers are also being given to RTO offices of registration.
  • The next part is the four digit number that is unique to every plate. The letter/s is prefixed once the four digit has run out and the two letters and so on.
  • The last part is the international oval “IND” and on its top, there is the Hologram that has a Chakra.

The numbering scheme offers several advantages.

  • The District or State of registration of a certain vehicle.
  • As for the case of the police investigation of a vehicle related crime or accident, the witnesses typically remember the first area code letters. This is then much simple to narrow down the suspect vehicles to a smaller number through checking the database with no need to know the full number.
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