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The question of ‘How many colors of 2-layer license plates are 2-layer license plates’ is frequently asked by our customers.
If you have are new to 2-layer plate colors, hope this article can help you.

We know that 2-layer license plates include 2 colors:

  1. Color of reflective film, let’s call it Reflective Color
  2. Color of font and border, let’s call it Base Color

(If you don’t know 1-layer plate and 2-layer plate before, pls refer to our article of How to distinguish license plate types)

colors of reflective license plates
Reflective color & Base color

Reflective Color


Reflective color refers to the color of reflective film/retro reflective sheeting material. Usually reflective suppliers only have 6 original common reflective film colors: red, yellow, white, black, green, and blue. Orange reflective is relatively rare, and need custom quantity order.

Common colors of reflective film license plate
Reflective colors

FAQs from our customers about reflective colors

Can I have custom reflective color? Like pink color, light blue, grey?

[Fuwong’s answer] if you need custom color like pink, and our order quantity is below certain MOQ about 50k pcs, the reflective film material supplier can’t make pink color reflective film for us.

If I need pink color for my order, do you have any solution?

[Fuwong’s answer] we have an alternative solution for custom color order of CUSTOM/PERSONALIZED license plate. But because custom color processing cost is much higher than the 6 original colors, only SMALL quantity order is accepted.

What’s the difference of Original reflective film color and Custom one?

[Fuwong’s answer] original reflective color is the reflective film color printed by the material supplier, after printing, they will cover a protective film on the printing, it can help defense the efforts to remove ink colors by chemical liquid.
And custom reflective color is the custom color printed above white reflective film, thus it doesn’t have protective film, and will be influenced by chemical liquie.

How long will custom reflective color stay?

[Fuwong’s answer] without human efforts or chemical liquid to damage the custom color, it will stay for 7-10years.

Base Color


Base color refers to the font color and border color of the 2-layer license plate. It is the color that you get after embossing 2-layer plate and rip off the 1-layer reflective layer.

FAQs from our customers about base colors

what’s the common color of base color?

[Fuwong’s answer] black is commonly used by DMV in most country. White, red and silver colors are also popular ones.

Can I order custom base color? Like orange?

[Fuwong’s answer] yes, for base color of 2-layer license plates, fuwong doesn’t have specific limit on the colors? Btw, gold is hard to process based on license plate specific ink, pls note, thanks.

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