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Why are HSRPs Needed Anyway?

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Why are HSRPs Needed Anyway?

Fitting the vehicles with the High Security Registration Plates has already been considered since the year 1989. However, it was only now that the process of implementation has finally gained traction after the Supreme Court has been cracked the whip on the state governments over the repeated delays. The traditional registration plates are easy to tamper with which can make cases of car thefts very easy. The fancy number plates can also make it more difficult to track down the lawbreakers that are on the run. On the other hand, the High Security Registration Plates are non-replaceable and tamper-proof that can prove to be a solid deterrent to the car thieves. This can also help in creating a computerized and national data of the motor vehicles which presently is not really the cases since the records are being created and maintained manually.

Do You Need an HSRP If You Live in Remote Villages?

The HSRPs have to be fitted on to all vehicles in the country no matter where you live. But, the method of implementation is going to be a phased one. Manipur is among the first ever states that have been asked to introduce the Supreme Court’s scheme together with Kerala and Delhi. In Delhi, this program has been kicked off on the 1st of May. The existing car owners will need to switch to the brand new plates starting from the 15th of June.

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