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8 Personalized License Plate Ideas You Can Use Right Now

Vanity License Plate Ideas You Can Use Right Now
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You finally got the car you wanted? What better way to celebrate than with personalized license plate of vehicles for it? The feeling of having something that it is ours is great, because something like a car means a considerable financial effort, which can be achieved only after hard work.

Still, personalized license plate can be used by anyone that wants to be recognized in traffic by friends and family, or just to show your appreciation towards customized items.

There are so many things that look alike on the market already that it feels very nice to be able to personalize at least some of the things we own. And when it comes to personalizing plates, we can do that with personalizing the letters and numbers displayed on the plates, or we can personalize the design of the plates. The main idea is that you can use your imagination to create plates that will match your style and preferences.

Here are some ideas if you don’t know where to start.

1. Personalized numbers and letters

This can be achieved on regular plates, only the numbers and letters being personalized according to your requirements. The effect is more discreet, using letters and numbers in a unique combination to show people that it is you who is driving that car. But it can also be done on vanity or personalized license plate as well, if you want to add a cool touch to the plates and increase the level of customization.

We got a personalized license plate number & letter combination for you, download the version you need as below:

06. Personalized numbers and letters
Personalized numbers and letters(3.3MB)
Vanity Plate Dictionary V1
Vanity Plate Dictionary V1(103KB)

2. Personalized designs

If you want the plates to bear your mark, don’t stop at personalizing just the numbers and letters. Check out to see if your state has special plate designs that support various non-profit events, like children care or planting trees. If you are a supporter of such causes, showing your belief and action on your car plate is a great idea, as you may convince others to join in as well.

Also, there are some states in the US that require only a rear plate, which means that you can opt to have a custom front plate for your cat. If you live in such an American state, let your imagination create a personalized front plate, such as a European plate on a USA car, or some sport or hobby design on plates.

Personalized vanity plate logo and molds designs
Custom license plate logo designs

3. Your name

This is probably the most popular form of plate customization, because many people believe that their name will definitely add a personal note to their car. Also, it is easy to recognize the driver, when you meet someone in the traffic, like a friend or family member. The trick is to make a combination of letters and numbers that will be similar to your name, like D4 VID, K4 REN, or R4 LPH. Still, the only disadvantage is to find a combination that is not out there already, because there can’t be two cars with the same plates, even if they are personalized.

So if you have a popular name, it would be difficult to find an adequate combination. But, do try it out, as you may find drivers willing to sell their personalized license plates or you may find a unique combination for you.

Personalized numbers meaning on license plate
Numbers on license plate to refer to letters

4. Your business or job

If you want to promote your business or you’re just proud of your job, you can use this idea when personalizing your car plate. You just need three letters on your plate that will give people a clue about the business in which you work.

For example, if you own a gym than GYM will do. Locksmiths usually go for LOX, and landlords will use PUB. The best part is that you can use a different set of numbers on the plate, so it doesn’t matter is these letter combinations have been taken, because you can use other numbers to create a unique personalized license plate. Of course, these are just examples and you are free to make your own combination.

“… Another personalized license-plate tactic is to list one’s occupation. DENTIST is on the ’81 Cadillac of a Bayside, Queens, dentist. A dentist in Scarsdale is more creative: His personalized license plate is CAVITY. SAY AH is owned by a doctor…” — HOT PLATES <New York, 1984>

5. Hobby

Do you have a hobby you enjoy a lot? You can use this to make your car personalized license plates unique. Many people are defined by their hobbies, being passionate about what they are doing and dedicating a lot of time and effort for their hobbies.

Perhaps you play in a band or a musical instrument, music being a hobby you love. MUS 1C may be a good example in this case. BOX 111G indicates a sport as a hobby and so on. Luckily, there are many hobbies out there which mean a great deal of personalized combinations that can be used for car personalized license plates. Just make your pick.


6OLF: Golf

GEO: geography

TRY VEG: try vegetarian

LIV2EAT: live to eat

Sports fans are a particularly demonstrative bunch. A White Plains woman declares herself a JETS FAN; KNICKS can be seen on a red BMW wending its way from Tappan to Madison Square Garden on cold winter evenings; and a dentist in Farmingville has the rather cryptic plate NYILNDRS. The YANKEES plate was owned by Billy Martin, who, naturally, let it expire. RANGERS, men, and cosmos are available now, but you’ll have to wait until September to get NETS.” – HOT PLATES <New York, 1984>

6. Age and date of birth

These are other popular ideas when it comes to personalizing your car plate. Instead of having random numbers on the plate, you can use your date of birth, which is unique date for each of us. The age is used as well, especially if the car comes as a birthday gift. But however you put it, having numbers with a special meaning on the plate will make you feel better and prouder when you look at your car.

7. The model of your car

Do you love your car? Well, if you do, you are not the only one. If you worked hard to get a particular car model, you can have the model of your car present on the car plate as well. BMW, JAG, BNZ are just a few letter combinations that are a bit more general when it comes to car models. Some go even further, being more precise when they state the car’s model, using M5, M6, or S60 on the plate. It is really a matter of personal preferences.

8. Miss., or Ms.

Would you like to have your title or marital status written on the car’s personalized license plate? You can do so by using M12 for Mr., M155 for Miss., and M5 for Ms. These combinations can be followed either by your initials or by your name, and there you have a good looking personalized license plate.

P.S. The full text version of personalized license plate numbers and letters


0: zero, nothing
000: nothing


1: one, want
10S: tennis
10SNE1: Tennis anyone?
12BL8: One to be late
14THBCH: One for the beach
1CE: once
1DFOAL: Wonderful
1DR: wonder
1DRFL: wonderful
1E6: a million (calculator humor)
1E9: a billion


2: Q, cue, queue
2: to, too, two
22: Tuesday
24KTAU-24 carat gold (Au=gold)
2BENVD: To be envied
2BORWAT: To be or what?
2DAY: today
2ISHN: tuition
2L82W8: Too late to wait
2LN: tooling
2LY: truly
2M8O: tomato
2M8OS: Tomatoes
2MORO: tomorrow
2N: tune
2NITE: tonight
2Q: took you
2QCE465: Too queasy for 65 mph
2TH: tooth


4: for, fore, four
4: represent letters ‘fo’ (4ORD=Ford)
404: not found (web error)
411: information
44UM: foresome
4EVR: forever
4K: fork
4N: foreign
4ORD: ford
4RE: Ferrari
4ST: forest
4U2DZYR: For you to desire
4YEO/FYEO: for your eyes only


50: Police, Cops (Hawaii Five-0, the (fictional) elite state police unit of Hawaii)


6A/6E: sexy
6S: success
6SR: successor


8: ate, ain’t
8ISEXC: Ain’t I sexy?
8N0D9: Ain’t no denying


9: nein(no in Germany)
911: emergency


A: eh (as in “eh buddy!”)
A4: afford
AGN: again
AKA: also known as
AMNOTR2: Am not! Are too!
ASAP: as soon as possible
ATA2D: Attitude
AU: gold
AUDIGR: Gold Digger (Au=gold)
AUYLOKS: Goldie Locks (Au=gold)
AV8: aviate
AXN28 D+: Accentuate the positive


B: be
B10: beaten
B4DKCME: Before decay, see me (dentist)
B4N: bye for now
B8: bait
B9: benign
B9S2US: Be nice to us
BA6: basics
BAE: Before Anyone Else
BB: to be, baby
BFF: best friends forever
BGNBD: Big and bad
BK2BA6: Back to basics
BL8D: belated
BLK: black
BN: being
BOK: bouquet
BR8: berate
BRB: be right back
BSTNSHO: Best in Show
BTAIM: be that as it may
BTW: by the way
BYOB: bring your own bottle / booze
BYU: bayou, by yourself
BZ: busy
BZMOM: Busy mom


C: see, sea
CARPEPM: Seize the night (Carpe=seize)
CC: (to) seize
CLA6: classics
CMUTE: commute
CMXI: 911, emergency
CN: seeing, seen
CNQRS8N: Conquer Satan
CNTA4DU: Can’t afford you
CNTA4IT: Can’t afford it
CNTUCHDS: Can’t touch this
CP: sleepy
CPT: captain
CR8: crate
CRE8: create
CRZ: cruise
CS: seas, sees
CSTMIZ: Customize
CTHRUU: See through you
CUL8RG8R: See you later, gator!
CUNOZ: See you in Oz
CYAH : See ya
CYIMBRK: See why I’m broke
CYIWORK: See why I work?


D: the (de)
D8: date
D8N: dating
D8NNE1: Dating anyone?
D8R: dater
D9: denying
DA: the
DAE: does anyone else
DD: to the
DFTBA: don’t forget to be awesome
DIY: do it yourself
DMN: demon
DNIL: denial
DON: don’t
DOOZPD: Dues paid
DR: doctor
DRK: dark
DS: this
DU: do you
DV8: deviate
DVS: devious
DZRV: deserve


EDUC8: educate
EE: to ease
EFL: English as a foreign language
EL8: elate
EL8D: elated
ELI5: explain like I’m 5 years old(means to ask a question about a complex idea)
ENUF: enough
ERND: earned
ESL: English as a second language
ETA/ETD: estimated time of arrival/estimated time of departure
EZ: easy
EZ2CYIO: Easy to see why I owe


F: if
F8: fate
FASN8: fascinate
FATH: first and truest husband
FN: fun
FN42: Fun for two
FNOMNL: Phenomenal
FREQ: freak
FTFY: fixed that for you
FTW: for the win
FUD2DY4: Food to die for
FUNCKER: Fun seeker
FUTAB: feet up, take a break.
FWIW: for what it’s worth
FX: effects, affects
FXION: affection
FXION8: affectionate
FYT: fight


G: gee
GDAM8: Good day, mate!
GGGGGGG: G-string
GN: going
GN210SE: Gone to Tennessee
GND: ground
GO4THNX: Go forth and multiply
GR8: great, grate
GR82SH: Great tush
GR8D8B8: Great date bait
GRMPE: Grumpy
GTCCRET?: Got the Secret?
GTR: getting ready.
GURUGLY: Gee, you’re ugly!
GVML: Give ’em hell!


H20: water
H2OMEN4: What are men for?
H2OUUP2: What are you up to?
H8: hate
H8PEPZ: Hate Pepsi
H8YNERS: Hate whiners!
HEBGBZ: Heebie-jeebies
HEZIT8: Hesitate
HIHOAG: Hi Ho Silver (Ag=silver)
HIOFSIR: Hi Officer
HM: home
HMU: hit me up(contact me)
HORM1: hormone
HYT: height


I: eye, I
I12BUGU: I want to bug you
IAMYY4U: I am too wise for you
IANAD: I am not a doctor
ICI2I: I see eye to eye
ICUCNME: I see you seeing me
ICULAFN: I see you laughing
IDH82BU: I’d hate to be you
IGOT2P: I gotta pee!
IH8PL8S: I hate plates
IH8WRK: I hate work
IIM8TY: Aye, aye, matey!
IM12XL: I am one to excel
IMABZB: I’m a busy bee
IMAQT: I am a cutie!
IMARUNR: I am a runner
IMGRJS: I am gorgeous
IMLEVNU: I’m leaving you
IMO/IMHO: in my (humble) opinion
IN4CLAW: I enforce the law
IONU: Eye on you
IR8: irate
IRIGHTI: Right between the eyes
IRL: in real life, IRELAND
ISHLPKDS: I schlep kids
ITXLR8S: It accelerates
IVARIVD: I’ve arrived!
IW84NO1: I wait for no one
IX XI: 911, emergency
IXCLR8: I accelerate
IXFE: Nine iron (Fe=iron)


JMN: jamming
JQ: Jack
JSDUIT: Just Do It!


K: ok (okay)
KIDBGON: Kid be gone!
KIX: kicks
KM: kilometre
KMUNIK8: Communicate
KONX: connects
KPASAMD: Que pass, Doc? (What’s up, Doc?)


L8: late
L8R: later
LDY: lady
LEVN: leaving
LMK: let me know
LMTD/LTD: limited
LOIMVE: I’m in love! LO(I’m)VE
LOL: laughing out loud, League of Legends(an online game)
LUV: love
LV: love
LVB4UDI: Live before you die
LVIT2F8: Leave it to fate
LVS: loves
LYT: light


M: am
M8: mate
MCM: man crush monday
MDLFCRIS: Midlife crisis
MI3SUNZ: My 3 sons
MKITSO: Make it so
ML8ML8: I’m late! I’m late!
MN: man
MN8: emanate
MOI: me (in french)
MPROM2: Impromptu
MR: more
MT: empty
MTFBWY: may the force be with you (means good luck from “Star Wars”)
MUDNYI: Mud in your eye
MV: move
MVN: moving
MYOBCSHN: My obsession
MYSNCAN: My tin can (Sn=tin)
MYT: might
MZLTF: mazel tov
MZLTF: Mazel Tov


N: and, in
N2: into
N4C: enforce
N4CER, N4CR: enforcer
N4CMT: enforcement
NANYMIN: In a NY minute
NAHRTBT: In a heartbeat
NE: any
NE1: anyone
NE1CARE: Anyone care?
NEONE4T: Anyone for tea?
NIZ2CU: Nice to see you
NJNEAR: Engineer
NLESRD: Endless ride
NO: number (no.)
NOD9: No denying
NOZ: nosy
NRG: energy
NRG: Energy
NS8IABL: Insatiable
NSFL: Not Safe For Life
NSFW: not safe for work
NT: night
NT12WRK: Not one to work
NTOT02: And Toto too
NUTN: nothing
NV: envy
NVIGOR8: Invigorate
NVR: never
NVS: envious
NYT: night


O: oh, owe
O2BCD8D: Oh, to be sedated
O2BME: Oh, to be me!
O2BNENG: Oh, to be in England
O2BNLA: Oh, to be in LA
OAN: on another note
OIMMI: Oh I am, am I?
OIOU2-Oh, I owe you too
OL: old
OMG: Oh My God
ONOUDNT: Oh no you didn’t
ONRY: ornery
OT: off topic
OTP: one true pairing
OVR: over


PA: pay
PA2B: Father to be
PAZAREV: Pa’s a Reverend
PB4UGO: Pee before you go
PHISHUN: Fishing
PNBL: pinball
PNDR: pounder
POV: point of view
PRFXN: perfection
PROF: professor
PS: post script, Photoshop (an image editing software)
PWR: power


Q: cue, queue
QIK: quick
QRT: court
QS10: question
QT: cute, cutie
QTPA2T: Cutie Patootie


R: are
R8: rate
R8D: rated
R8RS: Raiders(a football team)
RATA2E: Ratatouille
RESQ: rescue
RETD: retired
RIRUVRU: I love you (Scooby Doo)
RM41MR: Room for one more
RMOTL6: Our “Motel 6”
RSVP: please respond(“répondez s’il vous plaît” in French)
RT: arty, retweet(function in Twitter)
RTCUL8: articulate
RU18QT: Are you 18, cutie?
RUBZ2NT: Are you busy tonight?
RUD14ME: Are you the one for me?
RUNVUS: Are you envious?
RYT: right, write
RYTN: writing, righting
RZN: raising


SCRMOM: Soccer mom
SED8: sedate
SEEADDS: See a dentist
SGL4LIF: Single for life
SHRNNUF: Sure enough
SIQTDE: Cutie (QT) inside
SMH: shaking my head(disappointment)
SN: soon
SNGR: singer
SOSUME: So sue me!
SQP: scoop
ST8: state
STR8: straight
STR8N: straighten
SUR: Yes, you are
SWAK: sent with a kiss
SYCD: psyched
SYT: sight


T: tea, tee
TA2: tatoo
TBH: to be honest
THRP: therapy
THX/TX/TKS: Thanks
TI3VOM: Move it! (backwards)
TIFU: today I fudged up (means you messed up trying something)
TIL: today I learned
TLDR: (article/post is) too long; didn’t read.
TM: time
TM8: tomato
TNT: dynamite
TODALK: To the lake
TOTL, TTL: total
TOTLXTC: Total ecstasy
TRK: truck
TT: (to) tease
TTOZTR1: Testosterone
TTTT: tease (etc)
TTYL: talk to you later
TXN4EVR: Texan forever
TYT: tight
TZVECL: The 20/20 line on an eye chart


U: you
U4IA, U4EA: euphoria
U4IC: euphoric
UBNPASD: You’ve been passed
UCRED2: You see red, too?
UDR: other
UEEEEA: Euphoria
ULIV1S: Yau live once!
UNEEK: unique
UNMLU: You animal, you
UR: your
UREBELU: You rebel, you!
URNZWA: You are in the way!
UUUD444: Use the Force (Star Wars)
UUUU: for you


W8: wait, weight
W8N4FRI: Waiting for Friday
W8R: waiter
WCW: woman crush wednesday
WDYMBT: what do you mean by that?
WMN: woman, women
WUTDSQP: What’s the scoop?
WYT: white


XIS: tennis
XKWIZIT: Exquisite
XLR8: accelerate


Y: why
YFS: wife’s
YL: while
YN: wine (whine)
YQ: like you
YRS: wires
YSK: you should know
YY: (too) wise


Z: see, the
ZIPN: zipping

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