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Custom License Plates Maker: Definitive Guide

number plate of new year
Custom license plate maker
custom license plates of 2-layer

What is 2-layer license plate?

License plates include 2 types: 1-layer license plate; 2-layer license plate. 2-Layer license plate refers to the embossed fonts on 2-layer plates need be ripped off instead of painting.
Pictures as below are all of 2-layer custom license plates.

The 2-layer license plate has some unique advantages as below:

  • No need painting: can emboss the plate and get painted fonts instantly
  • Quick start for start-ups
  • Work well with manual press machine
  • Able to carry different custom designs

Choose Custom 2-Layer Plate Model

2-layer uk custom no plate

EU Standard 52x11cm

With Frame

Fuwong motorcycle license plate

Small Size

yellow reg plate

Plain Border

2-layer license plate for cars

Custom Color

license plate 2-layer

Classic Black Reflective + Silver Font

MLB license plate, USA car number plate

Custom Design

ca personalized license plates

US Size 6x12inches

Add Customization Designs

Pressed Customized Alabama car plates

Vintage Style

Belgium motorcycle number plate, 2 wheel license plat

Small Size

buy german license plate with wholesale price


Custom Logo

Custom Fonts


Empty license plate

Plain Blank

standard license plates

Standard Border

Emboss Blank Custom License Plates

License plate manual press machine

Boldey Manual

Boldey manual press machine is a non-electric embossing machine for embossing custom license plates by hand.

Fuwong number plate mold for boldey manual press


Molds are the font mould or die for embossing the fonts on plates. It usually includes Alphabetic set (A-Z) and Arabic numbers (0-9)

License Plate mold jig for manual press machine


The jig is an accessory for the Boldey manual press machine. It serves as the bottom holder for securing molds during the embossing process.

License plate embossing press victio 5plus

Victio 5 plus

Victio 5 plus is the hydraulic embossing press machine for embossing license plate by electric power.

Fuwong mold for license plate embossing press


Mould/Die blocks for Victio 5 hydraulic embossing press are different from the Boldey manual press machine. And jig for Victio 5 will be made based on different plate sizes and types.


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