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Ultimate Introduction of American License Plates (50 US state license plates All in 1)

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Start of American License Plates

American license plates were only a combination of letters and numbers, license plate color monotonous before.
Arizona in 1917 the first to launch a pattern with the state license plate, the left side of the license plate with a Tau pattern 1928, Idaho first pioneer, the state’s rich potatoes used in the Idaho license plate, and add The “famous potatoes” such slogans, then the US states have begun to follow suit.

Map of US
US vintage license plate map

License plate size of USA is 12 inches (31 cm) by 6 inches (15 cm). The state will be in the corner of the American license plates position paste year, month logo. Some states allow users to choose personalized license plate, the annual fee is much higher than the ordinary license plate.

The West

California: The Golden State

California(CA) is located on the western Pacific coast of the United States, familiar Los Angeles and San Francisco are located in California. We usually through the US drama and Hollywood blockbusters can see the California license plate, today’s California license plate for the dark blue font, the top of the license plate with red California words, the bottom is the seven mixed numbers and letters, the bottom with California DMV Official website.

California license plate
California plate can be commonly seen in many places and movies

Oregon: We Love Dreamers

Oregon(OR) is located north of California and the main city is Portland. Oregon license plate color and elegant, license plate background for the volcanic lake National Park, license plate for the mixed form of six digits and letters, the middle of the volcanic lake National Park in the representative of vegetation Shasta red fir separated, annual inspection mark affixed to the license plate Below the left and right sides.

Shasta red fir of Oregon license plate
Shasta red fir, mountain and graceful color design make up Oregon plate design

Washington: The Evergreen State

Washington(WA), the capital is Olympia, the largest city is Seattle, the state to the first US president George Washington named after the name. Washington State license plate background for the Rainier snow-capped mountains, the use of six mixed numbers and letters combination, the annual inspection marked and placed in the upper right corner of the license plate. License plate at the bottom of the “EVERGREEN STATE” words, meaning evergreen state.

Washington license plate
Rainier snow mountain design on the Washington plate

Idaho: Life Changing

The name of Idaho(ID), which is at the east of Washington State, comes from the Indian language and means “the gem of the mountain”, referring to the precious stones owned by Idaho. Idaho American license plates to the American flag red, white, blue as the background, the bottom with the Rocky Mountains and dense forests as the background. “FAMOUS POTATOES” comes from Idaho is the hometown of potatoes.

Idaho licence plate of car
Classic US blue and red, Rocky Mountains and dense forests on Idaho plate

Nevada: The Silver State

Continuing to the south is Nevada (NV), the world-famous “Casino” Las Vegas is located in Nevada. The state name comes from the Spanish “snow-capped mountains”, referring to the Nevada large basin national park within the Wheeler peak, below the “THE SILVER STATE” words that Nevada has the world’s largest silver mine.

Nevada license plate with Wheeler peak
Nevada mean "snow mountain" in Spanish, which refers to Wheeler Peak in Nevada.
Silver state of Nevada
The silver grey color plate and the silver state.

Utah: Utah! Where Ideas Connect

Utah(UT) is located in the east of Nevada, the most famous city in the state than Salt Lake City, the Rocky Mountains, the Colorado Plateau and the Desert Desert are Utah’s famous natural scenery, Archway National Park famous natural rock arch Utah license plate distinctive features. The license plate below the Utah Slogan “LIFE ELEVATED” accurately describes the Utah landform east low west high.

Utah license plate with Arches National Park
Natural rock arch of Arches National Park on Utah license plate

Arizona: The Grand Canyon State

Arizona(AZ) is located in southern Utah, the capital of Phoenix. Arizona license plate color is very bright, purple Colorado Grand Canyon with Arizona state style cactus, the Grand Canyon behind the sunset composition of the state license plate level of the background color. The bottom right of the license plate “GRANG CANYON STATE” is naturally revered for the magnificent Grand Canyon.

Arizona license plate with state cactus flower
Colorado Grand Canyon, State flower of cactus and sunset make Arizona license plate

New Mexico: Land of Enchantment

New Mexico(NM) is bordered by Chihuahua in Mexico, and the Clovis culture and the famous Aztec culture have inspired New Mexico’s unique humanities. License plate contains the famous Aztec tribal lines, license plate number in the middle of the separator is also used tribal symbols. As a tourist destination, with the license plate below the “Land of Enchantment” described New Mexico is not an omen.

New Mexico license plate design
Special pattern design on New Mexico plate reflects the culture of Clovis and the Aztec culture.
New Mexico US license plate

Wyoming: Forever West

Wyoming (WY), state capital of Cheyenne is located in the southeast corner of the state, the state name from the Indian language, meaning “prairie” or “valley.” Wyoming is rich in mineral resources, coal reserves ranks first in the United States. Yellowstone National Park is the famous tourist destination in the state, the beautiful scenery of Wyoming, the license plate background to Gannett peak, the license plate on the cowboy pattern that Wyoming animal husbandry developed.

Wyoming license plate
Cowboy has become a well-known mark of US

Montana: Big Sky Country

Montana (MT) is next to Idaho, the state to animal husbandry and logging as the main economic pillar, mineral resources are quite rich. Montana license plate also has the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park part of the region also extended to Montana, indicating the barren nose with “BIG SKY” words, representing the vast land and nature of Montana Style.

Montana license plate
Rocky Mountains design on Montana plate

North Dakota: Discover the Spirit

Was considered to be the old western United States North Dakota (ND) close to Montana, its capital for Bismarck. North Dakota soil fertile to make it the famous wheat-producing areas, animal husbandry is to feed meat cattle. North Dakota license plate to the sky and the vast land-based background, bison and wheat patterns symbolize the state agriculture and animal husbandry developed.

North Dakota license plate
Buffalo, wheat reflect the and grand blue sky make the peace garden state of North Dakota

South Dakota: Great Faces. Great Places.

South Dakota(SD) is located in the south of the Dakota region, whose state name comes from the Indian Sicu language, meaning “where you live with friends”, and agriculture and meat processing are the main source of income for the state. The state is the most famous than the Rose Moore Mountain National Memorial Park, is what we often say “President Hill”. The English side of the license plate also represents the people of the state to be proud of this.

President Hill of South Dakota license plate
President Hill on South Dakota plate

Nebraska: The Good Life

Nebraska(NE) is located in the middle of the United States, also one of the nation’s leading agricultural states, its capital for Omaha, Lincoln was assassinated, the state of Lancaster changed its name to Lincoln City. Nebraska license plate in the left side of the pattern for the national rock monuments, the right side of the buildings to the state legislature building.

Nebraska license plate with state map
Nebraska state map shape on the background of license plate
Nebraska license plate
Rock National historic site design on Nebraska plate

Kansas: Kansas, as big as you think

Kansas (KS) is located in the center of the United States, the state’s motto is; we are the first rectangular state (which also fight). Kansas is an important farming and animal husbandry nation in the United States, and manufacturing is also a pillar industry in Kansas. Kansas Island license plate to blue sky and white clouds and state capitals as the main body, which also includes Kansas specialty winter wheat.

Kansas license plate
Houses of Parliament and Kansas special winter wheat on the plate

Oklahoma: Native America

Oklahoma (OK) capital of Oklahoma City, the state was originally gathered in the Indian, often see news friends must be heard, the state often suffered storms and tornado attacks. Oklahoma Island license plate on the left side of the Indian archer archery shape, the license plate below the slogan “NATIVE AMERICA” also once again confirmed here is the status of the Native American abode.

Oklahoma license plate with Indianan
Oklahoma is the native American township

Texas: Friendship

Texas (TX) always reminiscent of the Western cowboy life and death duel and Texas Hold’em, Texas is the second largest state, second only to Alaska. The capital of Texas is Austin, with the main cities of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. Representatives of Houston’s space shuttle and Western cowboy are the main features of the Texas license plate, and the territory of Texas is used as a delimiter for the license plate number.

Texas star state
Texas vanity plate

Alaska: The Last Frontier

Alaska(AK) is located far from most states in the United States, located on the northwest side of the North American continent, east of Canada and the other three sides of the sea, the state has the highest peak in North America McKinley peak. Most of the activities of the world glaciers are also in this state. Alaska rose due to gold rush, the license plate on the “Gold Rush” and into the McKinley peak crowd is the best interpretation of the state culture.

Alaska vintage plate
Alaska vintage license plate

Louisiana: Sportsman’s Paradise

Back to the main road of the United States, Louisiana (LA) is located in the west of Texas, the state is to commemorate the French King Louis XIV named, New Orleans is the largest city in the state. Louisiana’s aquaculture and fishing industry is particularly developed, a symbol of the fishing industry pelican is the state’s state birds, so the pelican appear on the license plate is also normal.

Louisiana licence plate
Pelican on the plate is the Louisiana state bird.

Arkansas: Arkansansians, live here

Arkansas(AR) is located in the middle and lower reaches of the Mississippi River, south of Louisiana, Arkansas has a variety of hot springs and thousands of kilometers of streams and more than 50 state parks, so the state also has the name of the natural state, “The Natural State “is also reflected in the license plate. As a very few countries producing diamonds in the state, the license plate background is diamonds.

Arkansas license plate
Arkansas is one of the states that producing states in the United States

Missouri: Where the Rivers Run

North of Arkansas in Missouri (MO) is the famous American writer Mark Twain’s hometown. Missouri forest covers a great deal, with many natural caves and beautiful natural scenery. However, these elements can represent the characteristics of the state does not appear on the license plate. Blue and white gradient under the license plate is the state bird eastern blue robin, the middle of the license plate is the Missouri territory, the annual check mark in the middle.

Missouri plate design
Missouri state bird - Eastern bluebird on the bottom of plate

Iowa: Life Changing

Iowa(IA) is what we often say about Iowa or Iowa, where the state’s literacy rate is said to be the nation’s first, and Iowa is also listed as one of the safest states in the United States. Iowa license plate to the rural style and the city high-rise buildings between the silhouette echo as the background. In addition, the license plate below the state slogan can be customized according to the owner’s preferences.

Iowa number plate
Iowa is listed as one of the safest states to live in

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes

Minnesota(MN) north of Iowa, bordering on Canada. The state is famous for its multi-lake state, which is said to have more than 10,000 natural lakes in the state. Minnesota’s motto is also funny – we have more than ten thousand lakes, and 10 trillion mosquitoes. Minnesota license plate also “10,000 Lakes” as the main element, state map as the license plate number separator.

Minnesota license plate with lake design
Minnesota is famous for the lakes

Wisconsin: America’s Dairyland

Wisconsin (WI) means “grass” in the Indian language. Lake Superior and Lake Michigan ARE around the north and west of the state. Lush vegetation and more than 2million dairy cows make it “America’s Dairyland”. Wisconsin license plate style is common: the signs of sailboat, birds and sunset at the upper right corner of the license plate symbolize the characteristics of various lake in the state.

Wisconsin us licence plates
Sailing boats at sunset and farm image on the Wisconsin license plate represents the development of lakes and animal husbandry.

Minnesota: Land of 10,000 Lakes

Michigan(MI) is located in the Great Lakes region. Because surrounded by Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, the state is also known as the “The Great Lakes State”. Many automotive field leaders were born from Michigan, such as Henry Ford, but it change the status of the state license plate monotonous design: blue, white color, and without any pattern.

Michigan pressed blue license plate
We can find "Pure Michigan" slogan and 2 security waves on plate
Michigan license plate description
Round security marks on the license plate

Illinois: Land of Lincoln

Illinois (IL), also known as “The Prairie State”, its capital is Springfield. Main cities are Chicago, Evanston and Oklahoma. In 1834, Lincoln was elected as the state legislature and began his political career, thus Illinois has since been known as the “The Lincoln state.” Make Lincoln head as the state license plate background is very appropriate.

Illinois license plate with Lincoln head on plate
Illinois, also called "Land of Lincoln".
Custom license plate of Illinois
Illinois custom license plate for the National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

Indiana: Restart your engines

Indiana(IN) is the meaning of “The ”Hoosier State. The US Navy have a lot of warships named after the Indiana. The famous Indianapolis 500-Mile Race attracts tens of thousands of spectators from all around the world each year. A logo including 19 stars on the left of plate means that Indiana is the 19th state of US. The license plate pattern is pure color of blue and white.

Indiana star USA license plate
Indiana is the 19th state joined USA
Indiana license plate
Indiana plate with validity sticker on the top left and right position
Indiana license plates
Indiana plate with "National Guard" image

Ohio: So Much to Discover

Ohio (OH) in the United States through the north and south passenger, cargo transport occupies a pivotal position, the transport industry is an important pillar industry, air transport is particularly developed, is the commercial aviation line convergence. Cultivated land accounts for more than two-thirds of the area, so Ohio is also an agricultural state. Ohio license plate is very beautiful, the pattern brings together many of the characteristics of the state.

Ohio US plates
Previous slogan Birthplace of Aviation
Ohio vanity license plate
Ohio vanity plate

Kentucky: Unbridled Spirit

Kentucky (KY) was originally part of Virginia, 1792 officially separated from the establishment of Kentucky. Famous fast food brand Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Harlan Sanders was born in Kentucky, and the United States President Abraham Lincoln. Horse racing is Kentucky famous sports, flying horse and Kentucky territory is also reflected in the state license plate.

Kentucky license plate of DMV
Kentucky license plate with symbol of horse-riding sport, state map and city name.
Colorful Kentucky license plate
Kentucky license plate with blue font color

Tennessee: Follow Me To Tennesse

Tennessee (TN) is located in the south of Kentucky, the capital of Nashville, the state has the United States blues and country music concentration, is the state’s largest city of Memphis. Land and Sun rising are used as the background of the Tennessee license plate, and the rectangular groove reserved below the license plate is used to paste the city name in the state.

Tennessee license plate of flat license plate
Tennessee flat license plate without embossed fonts
Tennessee license plate sun rising design
The 3 groove below the numbers are for putting validity info & city name
Tennessee national champions license plate
Tennessee custom sport license plate

Mississippi: Feels Like Coming Home

Mississippi (MS) north of Tennessee, Mississippi flag is the only one containing the US federal flag flag of the US state flag. The state is fertile and vast, the climate is pleasant, the four seasons are more heavy, is the traditional agricultural state, rich aquatic resources to promote the state fisheries developed. Mississippi state flower magnolia and lighthouse and other patterns have appeared in the state license plate.

Mississippi car license plate
Southern Magnolia is as Mississippi State Flower, which is reflected on the plate as well
Mississippi license plate for music design
Guitar on Mississippi stands for it is the "Birthplace of America's Music"

Alabama: Heart of Dixie

Alabama (AL) in the Indian language means “I opened up this piece of barren forest area”, the state agricultural products mainly cotton, soybeans and peanuts. The state also known as the “Dixie heart”, Dixie refers to the southern states and residents, and refers to the northern states and residents of the “Yankees” meaning relative. The state license plate is characterized by a “heart” pattern.

Alabama original plate design
Helping schools vanity plate topic

Maine: Vacationland

Maine(ME) northwest and northeastern regions are adjacent to the Canadian border, the state is the United States the most isolated, the most remote of a state. The state’s main industries are paper-making, shipbuilding, agriculture, fisheries and tourism. Natural forest area accounts for 90% of the area, white pine is Maine main tree species, the tits are the state state birds, so Maine license plate to these two patterns based.

Maine license plate design of American state
Natural forest in Maine covers an area of 90%. White pine groves and tit drawing is the main design of plate.
Maine custom license plate
Vanity license plate for pet car and adoption

New Hampshire: Live Free or Die

New Hampshire (NH) due to the rich granite is also known as the “granite state”, the state name from 1629 came here in the name of a British captain. The state’s natural forest area is equally extensive, and the famous granite of the Franconia Notch has become the background of the New Hampshire license plate, “not willing to die” for the state’s motto.

New Hampshire license plate
Image of Granite and slogan of "Live Free or Die" make New Hampshire Plate background.

Massachusetts: The Spirit of America

Massachusetts (MA) is what we often hear the “Massachusetts”, where the Polytechnic Institute is very famous, of course, Harvard. The state capital and the largest cities are Boston, the industry is the main economic pillar of Massachusetts. Speaking of the state’s license plate, can only be used to describe the simple and clear, white red, blue license plate symbolizes the spirit of the United States, as the license plate below the motto.

Massachusetts license plate
Massachusetts plate is simple

Vermont: Freedom and Unity

Vermont (VT) south of Massachusetts, state name from the French “Monts Verts”, meaning “green mountains”, Vermont also known as the Green Ridge of the state. The state is known for its beautiful scenery, unique dairy products, maple syrup and radical politics. Spruce is the most common species in the state, and the Vermont uses a green word with a high degree of recognition.

Vermont license plate
Vermont green plate is neat and outstanding for the bold pure green background and white font. The tiny white Spruce logo on the top left side make the plate elegant.

Connecticut: Full of Surprises

Connecticut (CT) is the southernmost region of the New England region of a state, its state for Hartford. The state is one of the richest states in the country, and many billionaires are living in this state. Connecticut founded the Basic Law in 1639, which is also the world’s oldest recognized constitution, so Connecticut is also known as the state of the Constitution.

Connecticut car license plate
Connecticut is one of the wealthiest state and the Constitution state.

Rhode Island: Ocean State

Rhode Island(RI) Full name Rhode Island and Providence Manor State, the state’s smallest state (4005 km2) and the longest-known state. Rhode Island has a coastline of up to 400 miles, hence the name “Ocean State”. So we can in the Rhode Island license plate to see the waves and anchor pattern.

Rhode Island license plate design
Rhodes island has a long coastline, which can be symbolized by the wave and anchor.

New York: The Empire State

New York (NY) as the most economically developed state of the United States, can be described as people do not know, no one knows. Now it should be the New York, the nation’s economic, business and art center mistaken for the capital of the United States it… the early years of the United States, New York, the rapid economic development, so the state has “Empire State” title. The NY American license plates color is very special, state territory is located.

New York car license plate
New York is also known as the "Empire State"


Pennsylvania(PA), north of New York, has been known for its religious freedom and political democracy since its inception, and the state has a central role in its independence in the United States. The main cities of the state are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania license plate content is legible, in addition to the state territory, but also with DMV website.

Pennsylvania license plate registration
visitPA.com on Pennsylvania plate
Pennsylvania car registration
Pennsylvania classical blue and yellow color

New Jersey: Liberty & Prosperity

New Jersey(NJ) is the nation’s most densely populated state, Newark is the largest city in the state, New Jersey and “garden state” another name. But the state license plate does not reflect the characteristics of the garden, khaki background color only New Jersey territory, can not help but people have the feeling of fatigue.

New Jersey Garden state license plate design
Like most states, New Jersey also use state map as separator.

Delaware: Tax free state

Delaware (DE) was translated into Delaware or Delaware, the state is the first to join the United States federal state, and therefore known as the “first state.” But Delaware area is only 6452 square kilometers, ranking the nation’s second. Delaware license plate color for the dark blue background and gold font, high degree of recognition but the style is more common.

Delaware license plate
Delaware with a high degree of identification, but a more vintage style.

Maryland: More Than You Can Imagine

Maryland(MD) is named after the Queen Mary of the British King Charles I, whose state is rich in natural resources and the US Presidential Resort Camp David is located in Maryland. The country’s license plate is very patriotic, the buildings on the American flag, fireworks and “WAR OF 1812”, are to commemorate the 1812 and Britain that “second independent war”

Maryland registration plate
Maryland plate for commemorating the war of 1812.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the capital of the United States in 1790, established by the US Congress directly under the jurisdiction of the special administrative region, close to Virginia and Maryland, is the majority of the US federal government agencies and international embassies in the United States. As the capital of the United States, Washington, DC, the plate is of typical American license plates format, with US blue and red color.

Washington DC license plates with USA flg
Washington DC as the capital of US

West Virginia: Wild and Wonderful

West Virginia (WV), also known as the “Mountain State”, the state of coal production in the nation’s first, but the overall economy is more backward. The state license plate also no any pattern, but the use of lines and a reasonable color to give people feel the license plate number clearly visible at the same time, intuitive effect is ideal.

West Virginia plate of state license plate
West Virginia plate is close to Pennsylvania plate for blue and yellow color

Virginia: Virginia is for Lovers

Virginia (VA) economic development is more balanced, while traffic is also a major feature of the state, a good traffic environment and governance measures to Virginia’s traffic accident mortality has been low. Do not know is not the state license plate and no features, flat color, without any characteristics of the pattern, the only purpose is clearly visible.

Virginia license plate

North Carolina: First in Flight

North Carolina (NC) north of Virginia, the state is the largest rural population in the country. Wright brothers traveled to North Carolina that year, the local meteorological department suggested that the brothers here as a plane to take off the practice area, then, the world’s first aircraft “Flying One” successful flight test. Which has become the main element of the state license plate.

North Carolina license plate with First in flight design
Wright brothers made the success of the world the first aircraft flight test in North Carolina

South Carolina: Beautiful Places

South Carolina(SC), the capital of South Carolina, is a city of Columbia, formerly known as South Carolina, which has been transformed into an industrial base with a strong industrial base. The farmland is less than half the size of the state. Dwarf Palm is the state’s state tree, the license plate background is the evening when a lonely dwarf palm, the license plate below the state DMV website.

South Carolina licence plate
South Carolina state tree - Dwarf Palm on the plate

Georgia: Georgia on My Mind

Georgia(GA) is geared to Georgia and its capital and largest cities are Atlanta. The state is rich in mineral resources, the northern county town of Pitts is one of the main producing areas of global marble. Peaches are the pride of the Georgians, who have set up special websites for their own specialty, Facebook, Twitter and even special festivals. The license plate is also a matter of course.

Georgia license plate with peach
Georgian people feel proud of the fruit of Peach
Georgia license embossed
Bar-code on the bottom of Georgia plate

Florida: Sunshine State

Florida(FL) is located on the peninsula of the southeastern coast, where the state is impressive as the second largest city of Miami, where the sun, the beach and the bikini … plenty of sunshine to produce the state’s famous citrus and oranges, So the specialty has become the main pattern of the Florida license plate. In addition, the state is also one of the states with the largest American license plates style.

Florida license plate of the state
Florida is famous for Orange and sunshine, which is reflected on plate design as well.

Hawaii: The Islands of Aloha

Hawaii(HI) is the only archipelago of the United States, composed of 132 islands in the central Pacific, with its capital as Honolulu. Honolulu is the trunk of the Pacific route and an important port, the United States has an important strategic position, so the Japanese will attack Pearl Harbor. The main economic pillar of the state is the tourism industry, the rainbow is the country’s biggest feature of the license plate.

Hawaii license plates with rainbow
Rainbow design in Hawaii license plate make it unique and attractive for tourists and plate collectors


As the ID of vehicles, the American license plates play an important role in both identification and security in the roads. US state license plates feature various designs, frequent updating and advertising concept. Compared with neat number plates of  most countries in Europe or Asia, American license plates have more colorful designs and themes, which make it outstanding for the creativity.

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