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Hello and welcome to Fuwong License Plate Shipping and Delivery Information page!

It is the best part that anything you need from us is especially manufactured for you, because that here at FUWONG, the factory do not keep cargos in stock in our production warehouse.

Production Time Frame

Once your custom order is confirmed, it will be immediately arranged by our production staff into a production queue.  While the majority of our orders will be produced and sent for shipment within 23-27days, an order of larger quantity without custom reflective printing may occasionally take up to 10 more business days to produce. If your order has not shipped after agreed delivery business days (Monday to Saturday), please contact our support heroes, and we’ll be happy to assist!

Our shipping time frame is below, and it’s the best place for you to get a solid idea of when you can expect your new License plate order.



Shipping Time Frame (view full: A-B, C-G, H-K, L-M, N-P, R-U, V-Z)

*all time frames are listed in business days (not calendar days)

Destination Port:Destination Country:Common Shipping Period(days):
AARHUSAarhus / Denmark35
ACAJUTLAAcajutla / Salvatore60
ADELAIDE>3RTAdelaide / Australia25
AHMEDABADAhamada Bud / India20
AKITAAkita / Japan10
ALEXANDRIAAlexander / Egypt32
ALGECIRASAl Beh Silas / Spain35
ALGER/ARGELAlgiers / Algeria45
ALICANTEAlicante / Spain35
AMSTERDAMAmsterdam / Holland33
ANCONAAncona / Italy35
ANTALYAAntalya / Turkey35
ANTOFAGASTAAntofagasta / Chile60
ANTWERP>3RTAntwerp / Belgium31
APAPAApapa / Nigeria33
AQABA>2RTAqaba / Jordan27
ARICAArica / Chile50
ASHDOD>3RTAshe Dodd / Israel19
ASUNCIONAsuncion / Paraguay40
ATHENSAthens / Greece30
AUCKLAND>3RTOakland / New Zealand20
BAHRAINBahrain / Bahrain25
BAKUMIN 2RTBaku / Azerbaijan40
BALBOABaerboya / Panama35

Of course, if you feel like your order is taking longer than it should please contact our support heroes and they will get right onto working with you to find a solution.


How long is the sea shipping time?

You can check out the chart below to see where your new RB items are shipping from. We have production partners from all over the world working hard to create the fantastic items that showcase our artist’s work. Talk about a global family!


How much is shipping and delivery?

There are different delivery methods

All prices will be based on exact cargo whole weight, as the license plate belongs to heavy cargo. For your freight charges, if you don’t have a reliable transport forwarder in China and also don’t want spend much time and cost in looking for a one, our support team will be happy check prices with our shipping partner networks and negotiate best price and delivery time for you.


Who will deliver my order?

We rely on a network of external top shipping partners all around the world including the long-haul capabilities of FedEx, UPS, DHL for international express delivery, SF express for domestic sample delivery, and COSCO, MAK, EVERGREEN etc. for shipping delivery..

For this reason, tracking is not always available immediately after sent. If your order is being sent by a trackable service, these details will be included on the shipping email we send you as soon as possible.


What if my order is later than expected?

If your order hasn’t reached you within the expected number of business days as sent you before delivery, the best first step is to contact your local post office in case they are holding the package for you. You’d be surprised how often this is the case!

If you feel that your order is taking much longer than it should, you’ve allowed a reasonable time for your local customs to peek at your awesome new stuff, and your local post office was not able to help, contact us and we’ll work with you to find a solution.  When contacting us, let us know your order number and the full correct delivery address so our amazing support heroes can assist you as quickly as possible!