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Information worth Noting about License plate in South America


South America License Plate

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About South America License Plate

Have you ever watched a certain old movie wherein the bank robbers successfully escape in their fast “get-away’ car? If so, then you would just how importance having a license number is because it is one of the most effective tools in any crime resolution. This is the main reason why the law of having a license plate, number plate, registration plate or whatsoever you would want to call it are being implemented and used in most countries all over the whole wide world. Just like in any part of the globe, having license plate in South America is also a major law that one must abide.

In South America, issuance of a license plate is being issued by an authorized organization, various municipalities, departments or according to the lawsuit of its country. Locating the license plates from the countries in South America can be sometimes a difficult task due to some factors like in Colombia. In Colombia, locating the license plate of its certain citizen is quite a hard task because the Department of Motor Vehicles there strictly requires that the plate that is involved must be surrendered to its respective issuing office.

License plate in South America do vary depending on the countries in this specific part of America because each state or country have their own desired design, color, shape and font that will be used to the number plate that they would require their citizens, practically the drivers or car owners, to have. In Colombia, the country is perfectly divided into 32 departments along with their specific capital district. All the passenger car number plates are color black on a reflective yellow while the license plates of the public service vehicles are black on a reflective white color.

The license plates in Brazil, on the other hand, are issued by the states. It uses color schemes to show their type, and the rear and front plates both use the same colors. It also has a standard size that determines the unique typeface of their license plates which is widely known as Mandatory. Black on grey license plates for those privately owned cars, white on red for any kind of paid vehicle or transportation like taxis and buses, black on white for official use like that on the city public services, government-owned vehicles, fire departments and police departments.

Aside from the color schemes stated above about the color of license plates in Brazil, those license plates that have colors of gray on black are meant for collector’s items like those vehicles that are already older than 30 years but is still in an excellent state of preservation or conservation and in its original state or with over 80% of its original structure or components. Those license plates that are color white on green are supposed for the use of manufacturer plates for those vehicle that are under testing, test drive or dealer testing. In most cases, the test-drive vehicles are all registered right to the dealership and, thus, uses black on grey license plates. Those private cars that are being tested after repair carries dealer-fitted green license plate over their own black on grey license plates. White on blue is meant for diplomatic use or for newer licenses.