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Middle East License Plate 101


Middle East License Plates

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About Middle East License Plates

The registration of vehicle plate in Middle East is invented by the company of German know as Erich Utsch AG, it is a company that produces registration plates in the entire Arab countries like Egypt. As what the manufacturer stated, their plates are a proof of forgery, as well as the numbers and letters wrapped by a film security that is just about impossible to alter with.

Previous registration plates

The latest and existing plates presented in 2003. The previous registration plates came form 1996 utilized only 3 letters and 3 numbers without translation. On top of them written a term Al-Saudi, for Arabic only at the same time the numbers occasionally padded by zeroes. The plates for the diplomatic vehicles of public transport and trucks had green or yellow and blue background, accordingly.


The Middle East particularly in Saudi Arabia has make a start to assure that all the individual living inside the border go in to their vehicles and show a front and rear license plate. This plate includes a three letters up to four numbers in the Arabic. Equally, this letters and numbers interpreted into the Latin alphabet as well as to Western Arabic numerals, accordingly. On the other hand, the plate also includes the Saudi Arabia “KSA” letters and the coat of arms that written perpendicularly.  You can have the official seal on the lower sticker.

Standard plates commonly has 4 numbers and if needed they are stuffed with zeroes. Contrary, the customized plates or the earlier registration may has one, two or maybe there numbers with or devoid of zeroes stuffing. The translation of the letter into the alphabet of Latin always completed from left to right, even though Arabic letters interpreted from right to left. Moreover, the translation is not always precise since there are only 17 letters in the Arabic alphabet that used on the registration of the plates.

The entire plates has a white background however quite a lot of this vehicle types has a various of background on the upright part that includes the coat of arms, the seal as well as the abbreviation of the country name. The trucks have a blue background, and the taxis and public transport has a background of yellow, and green for the vehicles of the diplomat.

This diplomatic vehicle has a row consisting of C.D and an abbreviation of .هـ.د on top of the registration number. This represents the rows containing the registration numbers as well its smaller translation containing a bit smaller font height for numbers and letters. The combination of the letters for the diplomatic plates permanently has a letter D being the rightmost letter and the extra letters signify the country, even if its form right to left or left to right. For an instance, a United States plates for diplomat has USD letters that speaks to DSU in Arabic form right to left.

What are the prohibited combinations?

Various combinations of letter is prohibited in the country, it is either their Latin or Arabic translation. Together with them are “S-E-X”, “U-S-A” as well as “A-S-S” and others.  The combination of KSA still allowed.