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Brief Introduction

License plates have evolved so much since Massachusetts has pioneered making license plate way back in 1903. Just in case you are not yet aware, the first tags were manufactured from woods, leather and porcelain. But gone are those days!

At present, the advent of modern technology has paved the way in manufacturing new plate designs. Also, with enhanced computer literacy, the reporting and manufacturing methods have been streamlined.

On this account, the purpose of this document is to come up with a comprehensive reference to those who are engage in license plate process. As such, it focuses on the modern facets basically with aluminium plates. Here are some of the important features and methods involved in license plate production.

Digital Order Fulfilment

This is a method used in the license plate industry which means the application of computer based control along with modern number plate machine in order to come up with more efficient and accurate results. The main goal is to interconnect compute operations and equipment to provide a clearer digital trail for a particular plate.


Nowadays, it seems that rule of a thumb of license plate production is aluminium. For embossed plate production, it is very essential to make use of aluminium that has the right working properties. This is made possible by means of using various alloys with the necessary temper.

Unique License Plate

Aside from the tag number, another feature incorporated in making license plate is a distinctive graphic.  With fully automated number plate machine today, the unadorned plates of the past days are replaced by impressive prints today.

Long Run Graphics

You can usually find long run graphics in standard issue plate. These are the styles that are present in most license plates today.  Long run graphics are ideally designed in mass by high end number plate machine.


This is a special method in number plate production where in millions of cells are essentially engraved underneath the surface of a printing cylinder. However, this method is only relevant for long printing jobs. This is because of the complexity and the expense of rotogravure.

Short run graphics

These are the special background logos and images that are usually found in special interest groups. This feature comes with several selections of custom graphics which include wildlife plates, university plates and more.

Digital Printing

There is no doubt that number plate machine today adheres to digital concept when it comes to printing. Digital printing is definitely the best method used in fast production of conceivable graphic background.  New plates that are printed by digital number plate machine can either have monochromatic background or multicolour graphics.


This is the method where in depressed letters, symbols and numbers are created for the number plates. The most remarkable significance of embossed number plate is that it is difficult to counterfeit.

Above are just some of the important processes involved in the license plate industry.  If you are adept to the job, it is very important that you are crystal clear with all the details in order to streamline every facet of the operation.