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Number Plate Making Machine Suppliers – 4 Questions You Should Ask to Them

License plate hand press embossing machine
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If you intend to start a business of making high-quality license number plates for vehicle owners, you are not alone. Many private companies and garage owners have entered this business and it is fairly easier these days to get an approval as a licensed, registered license plate maker if you can submit proper documents. If you are looking for superior number plate making machine suppliers in your area, these are 5 questions to ask before you choose a supplier for your needs.

Do you have machines that offer customization?

If a customer intends to customize his number plate, the machine that you choose should be able to help you do just that! Look for printers that let you customize the colors, borders, fonts and registration details with ease. It is also important to find suppliers that offer machines with high efficiency and speed, so that you can save a lot of time in production and invest it to manufacture more number of license plates.

Do you offer tamper-proof license plate kits?

Many suppliers offer tamper and theft-proof license number plate kits these days. These deter easy theft of your precious number plates, which act as unique identifiers for your vehicle. These kits contain tamper proof screws and bolts which can avoid violations in registration. With these plates installed onto a vehicle, an owner can be secure with the knowledge that their plates cannot be picked up and used on any other vehicle easily – whether he is driving in Turkey or Tanzania.

Do you offer a bigger warranty?

It is also important for you to look for suppliers that offer a bigger warranty period on the machines that they offer. With a longer span of warranty, you can really be on the safe side where the durability of your device is concerned. If your machine stops functioning within the warranty period due to a manufacturing defect or some problems in the design aspect, you can always get it repaired free of cost by the manufacturer.

Do you offer discounts on bulk purchases?

While it is a norm to offer discounts on bulk buys, some unscrupulous suppliers are not ready to offer the same to their customers. Naturally, it is a good idea to talk beforehand with your supplier and find out whether or not he is ready to provide you with discounts if you are ready to buy more than one number plate maker from him.

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