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If You Had Started Custom License Plates 4 Months Ago…

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Dear nice ones,

Fuwong has just experienced a period that we got MOST frequent urges for orders from our customers, because of a sudden rise of license plates demands in their local markets.
Thus their license plates were or are or will be almost out of stock very soon.(Our production dept is still working on the order delivery)

If you had started custom license plate making 4 months ago…
We can’t 100% ensure that your business will be rolling snowballs like the other customers’ (mentioned above) or not.

But if you start now, we can be 200% sure that after 4 months, your blank plates will be out of stock for upcoming festivals, 2017 New Year, and national public holidays (both the shipping and production time will be influenced) in China.
And you will be (probably) worried about the license plate stock, and repeat sending emails to our support team to push orders placing and production.
For your license plate stock reduce day by day.
And you may also get new ideas for new plate designs.
But it can’t stop your consideration that the plate stock reduces piece by piece, day by day.

If you don’t start now, of course, you needn’t worry about the questions as above.
What a relief…

But we can’t stop your desire and ambition to taste the feeling.
In case that you wanna a try…

We just have built a Custom License Plate Maker Page (not available 4 months ago) for you to quick start the license plate customization business.

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