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Why European license plates are so appreciated?

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We see more and more American cars that display European license plates. Why is this happening? How come Americans love this type of plates so much?

European license plates
EU format

Being cool and more attractive

People will use such license plates on the front or back of their cars, or even have their own license plates made after the European model, so they can use them instead of the traditional American license plates. It is hard to find an exact reason that leads people to do this, but there are high chances that people do this because they consider the European model for plates as being cool and more attractive.

With so many patterns of plates around the entire Europe, one has plenty of options if he wishes to have a plate that looks out of the ordinary.

James bond car plate
007 UK car plate BMT 216A
007 movies license plate
James Bond’s BMT 216A number plate

Genuine European car

There are also the cases when the owners of European cars, like BMW, Mercedes, or Volvo, have genuine European license plates because they had their cars delivered straight from the brand’s factory in Europe. Of course, it is not mandatory for them to use those plates, but many of them do because they consider these plates more attractive than the plates they can find in the US.

It is true that these plates may look rather exotic in America, just like any other souvenir you take back home with you from a journey around the world. The truth is that not very many Americans afford to have their cars shipped to America from European factories, because they will have to handle the shipping costs besides the price of their car. So, we can say that these people like to brag about it, being proud of the fact that their car is a genuine European car, using these license plates as proof.

UK custom license plates
England custom plates

Inspiring European license plate designs

Still, if you are looking for ideas that will help you design a unique license plate for your car, you will find European license plates extremely inspiring. It is enough to do some research online and you will see that every country in Europe, big or small, has its own unique license plate pattern. And with so many countries in Europe, you will have plenty of patterns to look at and choose from. It depends very much on the type of license plate you end up liking. So, after you found the design you like the most, the next step would be to use it to create your custom plate for your car.

If you have a European car model, these license plates will fit the car even better, because everybody will know that the roots of your car were in Europe, even if it wasn’t especially shipped to you from Europe.

personalized license plates with cartoon
personalized plate ideas

Mere decorative purpose

The license plate you choose will have the design of a European license plate, but will contain your identification details. Still, there are many Americans that use such license with a mere decorative purpose and not anything else.

The truth is that your car will definitely look apart with such plates and will not pass unnoticed wherever you may go. Seeing license plates that are entirely different from what you are used to seeing in an everyday manner will certainly turn a lot of heads. If you have a gorgeous car you are proud to drive, such license plates will manage to get all the attention of the drivers and passersby, who will not just look at your car but also analyze it from top to bottom.

Can a set of license plates do such a thing? Well!

  • Choosing European license plates, you will have all the chances to get such results because some Euro models are quite intriguing.
  • If you want to see it for yourself, just look for these plates’ models on the Internet and check out their designs.
  • If you decide to use such plates on your car, it is enough to know what pattern you want to use and find a service that can create custom-made plates and the problem will be solved.
car custom license plates
Custom license plate designs


Are you ready to put some European license plates on your car? Should it be the model from Austria, Monaco, or Italy? It can be from any European country you like and prefer, because anything can be easily customized to suit your needs.

Once you get these plates, you won’t need anything else to decorate your car, because they will get sufficient attention on your car. These plates are those subtle decorative details you wanted to add to your car, but didn’t know exactly how to do it.

Whether you consider Europe fascinating or you just want something special for your favorite car, the European license plates can be exactly what you are looking for.

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