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Essential Things You Should Know about License Plate in Europe  


Eu Number Plates

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About Europe plates

Most of the license or number plates that are being used in Europe are usually are from the most countries right there in the European Union while few are from the others. Some of the License plate in Europe is usually imported from Germany and are all made of aluminum metal that were embossed with the users custom text and were being finished off with the texts as well as of the border coloring of their specific choice.

European license plate
European license plate maker Fuwong

Common size: 520x110mm

Format: aluminum + reflective film + bluw EU flag printing strip on Left.
The License plate in Europe is a registration plate which can be made of metal or plastic that is usually attached to vehicles for purposes of official identification. The registration identifier of the number plates in Europe is an alphanumeric or numeric code that uniquely identifies the car or vehicle right within the issuing of the authority’s database. Most countries here in Europe have adopted the common format for license plates, like the common EU format which is issued in EU member states.

License plate supplier plate
registration plate for Philippines vehicle plate supplier

This format was widely known and used because it certainly satisfies all the requirements in Vienna Convention on Road Traffic. The Vienna Convention on Road Traffic states that the cross-border cars or vehicles must always display distinguishing symbols or signs of the exact country of the registration on the rear part of that certain vehicle. This sign or symbol may either be put or placed separately form the license plate or be incorporated right into the vehicle license plate. When that certain distinguishing sign is incorporated right into the license plate, then it must also be seen or appear on the front part license plate of that certain vehicle.

Development: The Council Regulation No 2411/98 of 3 in Nov. 1998 introduced the most common EU format of license plates in Europe which is having a blue section right on the extreme left with an EU circle of stars plus thee country code, it was entered into force way back in November 11, 1998. This format was based on the model license plate which 3 of the member states had successfully introduced before and they are the countries or states of Ireland in 1991, Portugal in 1992 and Germany in 1994. The Luxembourg license plates have displayed the European Flag on the plate’s left side since the year 1988.

Number plate maker for European license plate
European license plate maker

About blue EU strip: The common designs of the license plates that are used in European countries consist of a blue strip on the left part of the license plate and this blue strip has 12 yellow stars which is the European flag symbol. Along with the blue strips is the country code of the member country or state where the vehicle was registered. Mind also that the Danish license plates have a quite small holographic strip exactly to the right of the said blue EU strip.

Reflective colors: All the EU format license plates can either be yellow or white, on a license plate which is wider than it is tall. Luxembourg and the Netherlands use the yellow license registration both in rear and front, while in UK and Gibraltar, they use yellow plates at the rear of the car and white at the front.  Hungary and Denmark use the yellow plate for the cars that are registered as a commercial vehicle and for Sweden, it is used for all the taxi vehicles.