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How to start your show plates business (number plate machine solutions)

Car show plates & machines
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Everybody has a car today, if not even several, and this market is not about to drop anytime soon. A number plate maker that launched in this activity niche has work do to on a constant basis because people tend to change their cars rather often.

Whether they want a brand new car or look to ditch the old one for a modern car, people will continue buying cars and will need new show plates for them. The car is considered a must-have commodity because it gives you the freedom and comfort you need to go anywhere you, please. So, people will constantly want to get better cars, beautiful cars, or just a car that will allow them to travel where they want and how they want.

A profitable business

Having all these in mind and knowing that the car market will be on the rise and always popular, regardless if we are talking about used or new cars, in there a way to start a business that is going to be profitable in this domain? Of course, we are talking about a business that requires a small budget to get started.

The answer to this question would be to get started in the custom made show plates business. With a number plate machine and a few other supplies, you are good to go.

Blanks show plates
Blank show plates embossed by Boldey manual press machine

Why it is a really good choice to invest money

Just think about it for a second, how many of your friends or people you know have personalized show plates on their car?
The answer might be very any of them indeed.

Once a person purchases the car of his dreams or at least a car that he is proud of, he would like to have personalized show plates on that car. It is our way of showing that the car is ours, our property, our most appreciated asset. That’s why personalized and custom made show plates ended up being so popular and so sought after.

show plates number plate machine zeerma (3)
Show plates embossed by Victio 5 embossing press

If you get a number plate machine and start your own business in this domain, you will have plenty of orders for sure, and your investment will return in no time. Of course, you need to pay attention to quality and details as well, if you want to be recommended by your customers and grow your business efficiently.

More than owning machines

Owning a number plate machine is not sufficient to make it in this niche because this market sector is quite competitive. So, do your best to use high-quality materials, to deliver the plates in the promised time frame or as agreed with the client, and make sure your services are top notch. If you do something wrong and you don’t repair your error in the shortest time possible, you may end up losing not just that client, but the others as well.

Before becoming a number plate maker, do some research first. Gather as much information as possible about what it means to activate in this business niche and make sure you are ready to tackle the challenges and the demand.

photo of embossing press machine
Victio Embossing press machine

Make products worth time and money

The hardest part is to convince your first customers that your services are worth their time and money. If you deliver the type of work they need, there are higher chances that they will recommend you to their friends and family that will need new number plates for their car and this is how your client portfolio will expand.

Miracles won’t happen overnight, but with a bit of patience, dedication, and commitment to your work and your clients, you will definitely make it.

What are customers looking when contacting this type of business? They are looking to get promptitude and number plates that are done neatly, regardless of their design.

vanity plates generator
Custom license plates making

New show plate sales method – online shop

You may want to know that having an online store for the number plates you provide is cheaper and more efficient than a brick-and-mortar store. You just need a relatively small space where you can install your number plate machine and work to get the show plates done, because shipping will solve all the other space issues, delivering the plates directly to the client once they are done, instead of needing more space for storage.

show plates number plate machine zeerma (4)
For show plates maker with number plate machine from Zeerma

It is even more efficient to work this way because number plates should be made only when a client requires it and at the order of the client because you risk a lot by making number plates according to your ideas and then wait for them to find the right customer.

Setting up an online store where people can place their orders is not hard at all and doesn’t require too many resources either.

Hand press embossing for show plate
Manual press machine


So, you see, this is one of the few types of business that can be started by anyone, by simply investing in a number plate machine and several other items needed, which aren’t that expensive. A number plate maker can be set up in no time, so you won’t lose too much time from the moment of opening your business and until you are able to produce your first number plates. This only depends on the fact of finding the first few clients, which will trust you enough to place the few orders. If you take advantage of this opportunity and strive to deliver great quality, you will get the boost you need to continue and make your business well-known.

In case you have some money set aside and you were wondering what kind of business you can start, without needing a capital that is too large, this could be a viable option. A number plate machine is not that hard to find and will not cost a small fortune.

Innovation On Show Plates?

If you are a number plate maker and wanna add new designs on plates, it is a great delight that you have been here!
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And you are warmly welcome to contact us for discussing more on show plate innovation.

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