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License plate blank for Philippines license plate supplier

Application: Blank license plate for Philippines license plate suppliers to emboss press blank registration aluminum plate with hydraulic press machine and hot stamping machine.
Dimension:  520×110, Eu specification
Content on plate: Philippines country map, custom registration plates maker design, country logo with embossed fonts.
Model FWC-LP-068
Material: retro-reflective sheeting + standard aluminum
Processing: embossing, painting or hot stamping all available, can emboss any letter, number & symbols on the license plate
Type: 1-layer aluminum license plate with embossed & painted / stamped white fonts
Colors: original white color reflective film background with  embossed and red painted fonts of Philippines flag on the aluminum license plate of 1-layer.
Insurance: Weather & water resistant
Main market: Markets or shops by Philippines license plate suppliers
Relative machine: license plate hydraulic press machine, roller coating machine, Automatic production line for blank vehicle plain plate.
Product note: All registration plates from Fuwong are only supplied for the certificated manufacturers or intermediates with authorized permit for vehicle registration plate business issued by local government, state or traffic road administrative department. And custom/personalized license plate aren’t official issued license plate, thus they can only be used for promotional or decorative purpose, can’t be used for illegal applications. Fuwong Corp, FUWONG.COM, our suppliers and licencors are not responsible for legal violations that may arise from the use of products marketed on this site.

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