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The Diverse Vehicle Plates in Asia & Pacific

Asian License Plates

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Registration plates are also known as number plates and license plates. Approximately all countries and states throughout the world have a legal requirement of registered vehicle. The rate or cost of the registration depends between the method of the display and the jurisdiction but one thing is reliable and that is the license plate. There were only three standard sizes of in the world and the policy controlling what is on them distinguished by their own jurisdiction that is in charge.

Here is some of the useful information regarding some of the license plate within Asia:

  • Afghanistan and Bangladesh make use of Arabic scripts of numbers and texts and Bengali alphabets and numerals to their license plates, respectively.
  • The mainland of China issues a registration vehicle plate under the management of the Ministry of Public Security. The numbers generated at random and computers generate them. The recent license has a green background plus the complete name of the province written on a Chinese character. At present yellow plates released specially to the large vehicles for Chinese citizens. Normally, blue backgrounds distributed to the general citizens; black for the foreigners or individuals residing in Macau and Hong Kong. Just remember that license plates created on Macau or Hong Kong and commuting to mainland, China has two sets of plates, the one use in mainland and the other and original is use in their area.
  • Hong Kong goes after the system of British coloring having rear yellow and front white plates. Their numbering system consists of four digits and two letters and it typically begin from “AM”.
  • Macau goes along with the Portuguese system of pre-1992 of sequence and color. Typically, their background was black and white for numbers.
  • The Malaysian registration of plates highlights at the rear and front of all commercial and private motorized vehicle as what their law required them.
  • The number plates in India comprises in the 4 schemes. Several of states in India is changing the series code of dual letters, there are some of them who make use of illegal process of number plating such as writing the regional script rather than Latin.
  • The latest Indonesian registration plates distribute the legacy of the colonial Dutch period, which do not manifest the existing regional divisions of the nation into provinces.
  • The vehicle plates of the Iran make use of the European size standard.
  • Japan vehicle plates divide into 2 groups: the Municipal commonly available for motor vehicles and the Prefectural utilized nationwide.
  • The residents of Jordan oblige them to register their vehicles and show vehicle plates.
  • The cars of Turkish are plates located on Turkish vehicles. Their plates make use of indirect numbering system connected with the information geographically.
  • Singapore utilize of a two-color scheme, which is black-on-white for front and black-on-yellow for rear.
  • The vehicle registration plate of Vietnam are typically white with black characters, every province has its number. The government and official cars carry the blue plate and the government plates carry the number 80 go after by the letter A, B, and M.

Whichever plates you want to know regarding the Pacific and Asia countries, you need, to look around and for sure, you will discover something different and interesting about them.