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What topics would you, the subscribers of our license plate newsletter find most useful?

This is the question that has been puzzling us these past few months, and this is why (you probably noticed) 2 periods ago we stopped updating our newsletter.

Growing Up With Subscribers
Nearly six months have passed since our first newsletter of 25 Nov. 2015, when we discussed, “What Are The Colors of 2-layer License Plates?”
Our support team has been encouraged by the fact that our subscriber base has risen from 0 to 528 people as of today, 6:00pm 30 May 2016. Our customers and readers have been replying to and commenting on our newsletter, requesting articles, etc.
We are a traditional license plate factory and are new at writing a newsletter. Our goal with this is to simplify the license plate business for others.
We’ve learned the business and wanted to create an open dialogue to help those entering the field. It is important for them to know how to structure a license plate, what the top-rated security features are, what types of machines to use and at what voltage, how to distinguish between the various types of license plates, etc. We even want to assist local businesses in creating custom brochures and catalog.

More Responsibility
As our list of subscribers increases every day, we feel more responsibility on our shoulders to offer the kind of knowledge that can solve a customer’s problem. We want to focus more on the subscribers themselves, what they want information on, rather than what we think customers might need help with.

Motivation & Question

You, our subscriber, is what motivates us to write articles for our newsletter and so we want to know what you would like to hear about, what topics you would find most useful.

We ask that you reply to this mail directly with your top 3 questions about the license plate, number plate machine or accessories.
We will choose the most commonly asked question to answer in our following newsletters. And if our support team selects your question, we will give you a special $55 USD discount coupon as a gift.

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