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13. Optical Scanning system – License Plate Manufacturing

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13. Optical Scanning system

Beyond the oven system, what can possibly come next in the license plate industry? So far, the most brilliant breakthrough is the optical scanning system.  This system is bound to its main objective which is to link coated number plates back to a digital system in order to enhance the quality control of number plate machine. Notably, this system is in adherence with the hgh-scale quest of the license plate industry to get the the real essence of digital order fulfilment.

At present, there are many facilities where in number plates may be subject to embossing methods. Also, these plates can be palletized as well as inventoried which could be very beneficial to future coating. In connection to this, an optical scanning system has the capability to alert the management software as regards to the status of a number plate.  Say for instance, it can verify whether the plate has already been coated and subjected to the feeding system or not. In addition to that, the said feature can also lead quality control in terms of detection of ink smudges especially when the coating is still wet and can still be removed with the use of a solvent cloth.

20 Keywords about License Plate Manufacturing

  1. Order Entry or Processing
  2. Production Scheduling
  3. Materials
  4. Reflective Sheeting
  5. Graphics and Printing
  6. Blanking
  7. Components of blanking line
  8. License Plate Identification
  9. Manual embossing
  10. Finishing
  11. Liquid Neutral Coating
  12. Hot Foil Stamping
  13. Optical Scanning system
  14. UV Curable Inks
  15. Packaging and distribution
  16. License Plate Digitization systems
  17. Computerized Optical Verification
  18. Shipping/Mailing
  19. Barcoding
  20. Verdict on the LPD system
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