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15. Packaging and distribution – License Plate Manufacturing

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15. Packaging and distribution

Every license plate manufacturer has a sensitive understanding that there are one thousand and one ways on how to package the end products of the number plate machine. Say for instance, finished plates can be bagged, wrapped and boxed.  While single or a pair of number plate can be delivered in a mailing envelope, bulks can be bagged or boxed. Typically, the most commonly palletized form is box since it offers the ease of loading.  Furthermore, finished plates can be directly shipped to the owner, local distribution authorities, DVM distribution authorities or even private distributors. Meaning to say, there is a huge variety of methods that are used in the license plate distribution in order to deliver the finished number plates to the end user in the most efficient way. At the same time, it also aims to update DVM database as to the delivery status.  However, most of the said methods have been somehow inefficient until the advent of modern technology.

20 Keywords about License Plate Manufacturing

  1. Order Entry or Processing
  2. Production Scheduling
  3. Materials
  4. Reflective Sheeting
  5. Graphics and Printing
  6. Blanking
  7. Components of blanking line
  8. License Plate Identification
  9. Manual embossing
  10. Finishing
  11. Liquid Neutral Coating
  12. Hot Foil Stamping
  13. Optical Scanning system
  14. UV Curable Inks
  15. Packaging and distribution
  16. License Plate Digitization systems
  17. Computerized Optical Verification
  18. Shipping/Mailing
  19. Barcoding
  20. Verdict on the LPD system
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