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20. Verdict on the LPD system – License Plate Manufacturing

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20. Verdict on the LPD system

There is no doubt that the emergence of LPD system has been very opportune considering the outburst of modern technology. This digital system  is not only a great help to a number plate machine because it spares operators from hefty and daunting task but also because of the optimal level of efficiency that it has to offer.  The LPD system has been designed as a wide door to open more opportunities for the license plate industry in the near future.  As this world keep abreast of the fast pace of computer technology, the introduction of the LPD systems is just an indication that license plate manufacturers will always be thankful for the existence of technology.

20 Keywords about License Plate Manufacturing

  1. Order Entry or Processing
  2. Production Scheduling
  3. Materials
  4. Reflective Sheeting
  5. Graphics and Printing
  6. Blanking
  7. Components of blanking line
  8. License Plate Identification
  9. Manual embossing
  10. Finishing
  11. Liquid Neutral Coating
  12. Hot Foil Stamping
  13. Optical Scanning system
  14. UV Curable Inks
  15. Packaging and distribution
  16. License Plate Digitization systems
  17. Computerized Optical Verification
  18. Shipping/Mailing
  19. Barcoding
  20. Verdict on the LPD system
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